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Why Sintra Is NOT a Day Trip

Some things are just too good to have in small doses. Here’s why Sintra is most definitely NOT a day trip ‘The most popular day trip from Lisbon’ Depending on the type of traveller you are, this could mean two different things to you; Wow, this place is going to be incredible Wow, this … Read More

A Girl on a Bike in Hanoi

When I told people in Hanoi that I cycled around the city, I would receive some very confused expressions. Many people thought it was crazy. Hanoi is one of most congested cities in the world. The sheer amount of traffic and pollution can only be understood after seeing it firsthand. For the majority of … Read More

We Won The Liebster Award!

So we’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! I have to say, when we were first told I didn’t actually know what the award was. After a little research online, we’ve discovered that the Liebster Award is pretty damn cool! It’s a virtual award given to up-and-coming blogs by other bloggers. Not only is … Read More