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The most beautiful island in the world
The Most Beautiful Island in the World

A drop of paradise in the middle of the ocean like no other… 200-sq-km and surrounded by a clear emerald blue ocean, with waters filled with live coral, schools of fish and manta rays. The land is wild and rugged, homing many endangered animals that have been left to roam freely and grow to … Read More

We Won The Liebster Award!

So we’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! I have to say, when we were first told I didn’t actually know what the award was. After a little research online, we’ve discovered that the Liebster Award is pretty damn cool! It’s a virtual award given to up-and-coming blogs by other bloggers. Not only is … Read More

Vegan Garlic Flatbreads

For the Veggie Vagabonds there are few things in the world we love more than curry. Apart from more curry do you know what is great with curry, our vegan garlic flatbreads! Unlike many bread recipes these flatbreads are super simple! Perfect for dipping, mopping and scooping at your hearts content! This recipe uses … Read More

Vegan Pumpkin Curry

Inspired by the beautiful pumpkin curries we indulged in during our time in Sri Lanka, this vegan pumpkin curry is hearty and tasty. Using just one pot this recipe is eay to follow and produces a truly exquisite and rich curry. Pumpkin was always something I turned my nose up at. I used to … Read More

The Veggie Vagabond’s Guide to Sri Lanka

This little island will steal your hearts, it¬†definitely stole ours! For the veggie vagabonds out there it really should be high on your list!¬†Whether you’re searching for wildlife, a quiet beach getaway, a culinary tour or temple hopping and curry munching – Sri Lanka will not fail to impress. With the civil war long … Read More

Lisbon, Portugal Portfolio

Cultural corner: Portugal and our vegan twist on the classic Caldo Verde Cultural corner: Portugal and our delicious vegan honey, almond and ornage cake