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Hey! We’re Josh and Sarah, two outdoor-loving, tree-hugging vegans and proud parents of this here website. Veggie Vagabonds is the home of ethical adventures: a one-stop-shop for the outdoor-obsessed, the vegan trailblazers and the nature lovers around the world.

Life is a hella lot better when it’s filled with tents, sweat, mud, personal challenges, exhilarating experiences and outdoor pursuits in beautifully wild places. We’re here to show that you can embrace it all in an ethical way!

At Veggie Vagabonds you’ll find all the tools and inspiration you need to embrace the great outdoors, make your adventures vegan and keep ’em green, no matter your location or experience.

In 2017 we stopped flying to explore the possibilities of human-powered adventures – damn, what a ride it’s been so far. It actually led us to our latest and most testing challenge: the Ethical Adventure Expedition (more info below).

Keep scrolling to find more about the expedition, read about our mission or get some insider info on us.

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The Ethical Adventure


Us two plant-powered pedallers will be cycling from England to India whilst biking, hiking, swimming and climbing in each country we pass through – a 6,500+ mile ride of a lifetime.

It’s going to be one crazy journey, discovering the potential of completely human-powered adventures and the outdoor experiences that surround us in the natural world – cos boy, it’s something worth embracing!

Follow the ride as it unfolds at the E.A.Ex Base Camp here.

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