“wait, so you don’t eat ANY animal products? What about cheese, do you eat cheese?”

“How do you survive without cheese!?!?”

If you’ve become familiar with situations like this then you’re probably vegan (or lactose intolerant).

Well folks, It’s safe to say that these conversations are soon to be a thing of the past! Say goodbye to baffled looks from restaurant staff and only taking 5 seconds to choose the only option on the menu. Good riddance to everyone at work thinking you love falafel and bloody hummus wraps. It’s the only thing the bloody shops have, alright. We’ve all be there, we all know the situations. But, this is 2018, things have changed, veganism has made the headlines, we are experiencing the vegan revolution!

Returning to the UK after 2 years living abroad, I had no idea how much progress we’ve made. My vegan brothers and sisters, these wheels they be rolling and this plant-based machine has definitely gained momentum.

Here are the things fuelling this beautiful vegan revolution!

Supermarkets Fuelling the Vegan Revolution

Once upon a time we had a single dusty product, then we upgraded to a shelf and now ladies and gentlemen we have an AISLE
 (well, I’ve seen half an aisle but it’s still a aisle)

Not just in one or two places, all of the supermarkets have jumped on the bandwagon. Like a ferret on speed I darted from shop to shop to find out exactly what was going on in this vegan revolution.

Leading from the front line of the revolution, Tescos now has a mind blowing Free From section with a whole deli’s worth of cheese. I’m not just talking cheddar, there’s jalapeño and chilli cheese  (good on nachos), Soft cheese (good on a bagels) and even a parmesan style cheese from Violife (good with everything!). For all you herbivores in a hurry Wicked Kitchen’s plant based ready meals can make your life a whole lot easier.

Two years ago this would never have been a possibility.

Two years ago if you asked for vegan cheese in a supermarket you would’ve received the same expression you get when you ask for aquafaba now. I still don’t understand what aquafaba is…

Sainsburys with the help of Quorn and Linda Mccartneys have built up a killer frozen section. It has allowed me to try fish fingers and sausage rolls for the first time but has also added 20 minutes to my shopping trip (definitely worth it). Whilst not everybody wants to eat meat or dairy alternatives, the option is now there, which is excellent.

2018: The Vegan Revolution
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Another thing which blew my mind is this jackfruit situation.

I thought this was just an exotic island treasure, but you trendy buggers catch on quickly. Not only is it in every hipster cafe, SAINSBURYS IS BLOODY SELLING IT!!! Their BBQ pulled Jackfruit really is revolutionary, so hats off to Sainsburys for bringing jackfruit curry back into my life.

On a sweeter note, we now have an abundance of vegan ice creams (when did VEGAN Ben and Jerrys happen?). Superstars of making the unnecessary suddenly seem very necessary, Waitrose have now got a huge variety. Not just the Ben and Jerrys good stuff, they’ve also got Booja-Booja ice creams which are insane if you haven’t tried them.

Every revolution needs ice cream,


Another revelation is that supermarkets have realised the importance of alcohol in a vegan diet. Plant-based boozers can feel re-empowered as Co-Op have promised to stock 100 vegan wines by the end of 2018. They’re all clearly labelled too, so they’re easy to find (even if you’ve already drunk a bottle).

Because us vegan’s love a drink too!

The variety and quality (generally) of the products has grown beyond belief. Alpro have a great selection of desserts, yogurts and ice creams but their variety of plant based milk steals the show. From cashew to hazelnut, coconut to oat, they’ve definitely come a long way from soya milk! Violife have made cheese boards a possibility again and Cauldron are still rockin’ those falafels.

Congratulations everybody!! 

We’ve increased the demand so much that now the supermarkets are fuelling this vegan revolution. Vegan products are now widespread, well labelled and easy to find. Online there are clear vegan sections and recipes which makes it easier and easier to maintain a healthy and enjoyable vegan lifestyle.

It’s also stopped veganism being seen as a ‘extreme’ choice (which unfortunately for some people it is). Veganism is now in the mainstream, making it all the more likely that people will give up animal products. It’s making 2018 not just a vegan revolution but an animal revolution too.

The Vegan High Street

Eating out always used to be a pain. If you could pick the restaurant then you stood a chance but if you were going with non-vegan friends then I would always expect the worst and hope for the best. This isn’t the case anymore. Now almost all of the high street restaurant chains have a nice variety of dishes, if not a whole vegan menu! Whilst I always like to support independents, this vegan revolution is definitely moving if the big chains are listening.

The Italians love a revolution! Carluccios has a massive vegan menu, and Zizi’s serves great vegan pizzas (Make sure you check the vegan search option). Pizza Express have introduced a vegan pizza and Pizza Hut have also gone plant-based (even though they’re still not available for delivery, damn).

Outside of the pizza world, Wagamamas has got a bunch of mains and desserts, Yo Sushi has…..vegan sushi, and Pret a Manger is rockin’ a great selection of vegan lunches. Even Starbucks have released their BBQ vegan Jackfruit & Slaw wrap and all stores now stock soy, coconut and almond milk.

I seriously doubt these guys have changed to save Daisy the cow, but none-the-less, Veganism has now become profitable and in the society we live in, that can give us hope. I mean, if Forbes is saying you should turn your business vegan in 2018, we know we’re having a big impact.

Whilst I’ve already said that going independent is still definitely the best choice, the point is these big boy businesses are going green. They’re selling less meat and that’s positive no matter how you look at it. Now we can look forward to those meals out and wear our vegan badges with pride!

If you want a more comprehensive list of ethical eateries, check out Happy Cow, the vegan foodies holy grail.

The Public Behind the Vegan Revolution

Jeremy Corbyn is backing the vegan revolution!

Obviously us vegans love veganism but now non-vegans seemed to have really warmed up to us. The world is definitely changing and although Trump still seems to be denying global warming, newspapers, celebrities and public figures are backing the vegan diet. Moby the musical meistro has got his very own vegan restaurant, David Haye is a plant based bruiser and even Jeremy Corbyn has said he’s on the verge of going vegan too! 

Cheers to the vegan revolution

Veganism is on the front page!

Veganuary has encouraged people to try a vegan diet for January and with over 150,000 people signed up, it’s gone down a bomb. ‘Veganism is not just for January!’ I can hear you saying, I know. But with the lifestyle easier than ever to follow and the vegan community giving such support, i’ll bet a huge number will continue into the future! If they don’t, then at least we stopped 150,000 people using animal products for a month.

What I’ve also found so encouraging is all of the amazing content online. ‘Vegan’ is now a hot topic, type it in on Google and you’ve got everything you need to go 100% plant based. The Vegan Society and PETA now have all the resources and the amount of vegan blogs have sky-rocketed. The likes of Vegan Richa and Oh She Glow have recipes from across the globe and show that anybody can become their very own vegan chef.

For more delicious vegan inspiration check this out!

2018: The Vegan Revolution

2018: The Vegan Revolution

It’s unlikely we’ll win everyone over, unfortunately. There will always be those proud, argumentative meaties who seem to think that protein only comes from dead animals. But, when you come across them stand your ground, hit em’ straight in the mouth with the facts. Engage them with discourse and try to show them the light (if that fails then tell them they’re probably going to die from heart disease anyways).

For those of you who are still fed up, I feel your pain, It’s not a perfect situation but we’re going in the right direction pretty quickly.

I’ve been away for two years and after coming back, I can tell you, we doin’ gooooood. It’s vegans that are making this vegan revolution happen. People ARE buying less meat and people ARE moving towards ethical eating. You’ve got more support than ever and each week there are new vegan products on the shelves and more and more restaurants are stepping towards a conscious cuisine.

No longer will you be that creepy person hanging around the carrot sticks at the party on your own. Okay, you still might be hanging around the carrot sticks but at least now you’re going so with a bunch of other vegans (and probably a few more options too).

Debunking the myth that vegan’s sit in the corner munching carrots

So whether it’s because celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, people want to lose weight or they’ve just realised they care about animals and the environment, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s happening.

The 2018 vegan revolution has definitely begun

Be proud that you’re part of a passionate and growing community. Be proud of the fact that in 10 years we’ve gone from 150,000 to over 500,000 vegans in the UK alone and be proud that everyday less and less animals are being killed!

Are you happy with Veganism in the UK? Is it different from your country? Let us know in the comments box!


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47 Responses

  • Veganism is really on the rise nowadays and to think that to even find one product a while back that was vegan one would have to scour all kinds of shops but now it really can be found easily. I am yet to try being vegan but I have still not reached that point.

  • I know many people who are vegan, and I think it’s fabulous–for them. It’s not a lifestyle I would ever want or do, but that’s what makes the world so interesting 🙂 I have tried some vegan foods and liked them, but there’s nothing like the “real” thing in my eyes.

    • Being vegan is actually pretty great for everyone – animals included. The meat industry is so damaging to the environment the world can’t sustain eating the amount it is, a vegan diet has much less strain on the resources we need to survive. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • It is great that more places are becoming Vegan friendly, I have to admit I couldn’t do it, cheese is something I just cannot do without. But I do contemplate going veggie from time to time.

    • Hey Sarah, man I miss cheese too, I used to love it! But when you think of the awful impact the meat and diary has on the environment and the animals it makes not eating it feel okay. Plus, a lot of vegan cheeses are pretty damn good!

  • I never ask that kind of questions to vegan people and don’t really care what people eat as long as no one is being judgmental or offensive. Works both ways. I am not sure i could go vegan but it is true that i naturally don’t meat or cheese or milk (i hate the taste of milk) so why not try

    • Hey Corrine, In most cases I think people shouldn’t be judgemental too however eating meet has such a terrible effect on our environment, I think every should be encouraging a vegan diet. It effects everyone in the grand scheme of things. Encouraging in a nice way though 🙂

  • I am not vegan but have seen an increase of items that do accommodate that lifestyle. I haven’t tried jackfruit but recently saw that fruit on a trip to my grocery store.

    • I hope reading the blog can help you see the light though 🙂 You should definitely try jackfruit, it’s great in curry! We’re going to have a jackfruit curry recipe coming onto the site soon!

  • I am not sure if I can go totally Vegan, but I do see the benefit of eating more fruits and vegetables. I do have a huge garden in my backyard and I grow my own fruits and vegetables. This is my way of sort of turning vegan.

    • Hey Leo, it’s great you’re growing your own vegetables! I’d love to have a garden big enough to grow veggies! Although many people have different reasons for going vegan, for us a big part is to stop the killing of animals. So it’s not just eating fruit and vegetables but also not eating meat or dairy 🙂

  • This is such a great piece! I have thought more and more about embracing a vegan lifestyle lately. I love the insight you give through this.

    • Hey Ally, I hope you can use our site to help you move towards a vegan diet! We’re putting up an article about moving to a plant-based diet which should be helpful for you 🙂

    • You should really try some of the vegan options now. I work in a vegan cafe and you wouldn’t know that our cheese sauce is dairy free!

    • Hey Anshul, I’m very glad to hear it! Our next trip takes us towards India so you’ll have to give us some recommendations! Where in India are you?

    • Hey Angela, I hope you can keep an eye on our site and we can help you move towards vegan. We will have an article up which will talk about moving from a meat diet to a plant-based one. It should be helpful for you!

  • It really is amazing how veganism has continued to be more accepted and definitely more interest has grown. IT’s true about how little food options there were but now its just fantastic to see the plethora of options.

  • I’ve been a vegan for almost 18 years and I wouldn’t change it. There are so many documentaries that explain why people should go vegan and it has changed the minds of people I know. Honestly, there’s still so many options when it comes to vegan food. ALL DELICIOUS!

    • The free-from cookies are pretty damn good! We were dipping them in the Alpro chocolate desserts which was a killer combo!

  • It’s really good that there are more options and choices for vegans now. I am not sure if I can survival a vegan lifestyle.

  • I know places are improving the vegan menu. I remember that when the doctors wanted to put my daughter on pretty much a vegan diet for a month. But it’s still not as good as I would like. Very limited restaurants have it here in the states unfortunately.

  • Wow! I am blown away by your post. I seriously had no idea there was so much selection out there for vegans. It is pretty cool. I find it so interesting. Perhaps I will try it out one day. It seems like a great way to ensure you are eating healthy.

    • Hi Lisa, glad you liked the post! There’s an amazing selection on offer, you should definitely should try. Contact us if you would ever like help or advice 🙂

  • Heya now i am for your major time right here. I discovered this particular board we locating It truly useful & the idea helped me to out there very much. I hope to give one important thing once more and also guide others just like you made it simpler for me.

  • Actually, if you’re serious, a raw diet and Vegetarian diet with no dairy is the most amazing thing you can do for your skin. Papaya, apples, onions, lentils, oats, cucumber, herbs, spices, raw potato, carrots, Spinach, tomatoes, apricots, berries, coconut, avocado, pumpkin seeds, ginger tea, cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, guava, grapes..etc.

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