Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet


Let’s face it, we’ve all got to get ourselves in gear and move towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Everyday we are making thousands of decisions, some of these are positive and some are not. Nobody is perfect, so we can all take extra steps towards greener living. Environmentalism is for everyone, it is our responsibility. Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will help you make small changes to save some wonga and save the planet in the process!

We know you’re all busy bees, so Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will bring you three simple adjustments each month. Three’s an easy number, available to everyone with no drastic changes. We can’t change the world overnight, it’s all about baby steps. Did I mention they’re easy?

Open the Oven Door

Through the winter months the oven gets a lot more use. If you’ve just come in from the cold after a long day, you’re probably not going to be wanting a salad for dinner. Chances are it’s gonna be something hot and warming from the oven.

Turn down the thermostat and make the most of that extra heat by leaving the oven door open after cooking. If you’re living in a flat or a smaller house you’ll be surprised the difference it makes. It’s simple but you’ll save money on heating, use less energy and have the beautiful smells of home cooking wafting through the house. Turn that heating off and get one of our vegan lentil, chestnut and mushroom loaves in the oven!

Vegan Lentil, Chestnut and Mushroom Loaf
Vegan lentil, chestnut and mushroom loaf. Click on the picture for the recipe!

On Your Bike!

We should all know the impacts of car use by now. Latest research from the RAC shows the average cost of running a new car in the UK is £6,689 a year! Money aside, car exhaust fumes, particularly from diesel engines are one of the biggest causes of air pollution. Save your pennies and save your planet by jumping on your bike. It’s a great chance to get outdoors and it will keep you fit. If we can spend a year cycling around Hanoi then you can cycle to work in any city!

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
On your bike!

Finding That Sunny Spot

Whether you work from home full-time or you’re doing some studies over the holidays, make sure you work in the sunniest room. I know in some countries a sunny room can be quite hard to find but do your best! Studies have shown that working in a room with natural warmth and lighting will boost your productivity and mood. Whether you’re managing your online business, studying or just surfing the web open the blinds and sit in the sun. Save your pennies and save the planet by turning down the heating and finding a naturally warm and bright spot in the house.

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
Definitely found that sunny spot

Try and incorporate these three easy tips into your lifestyle and see how you get along. How much money can you save in just one month?

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Comment below and let us know how you get along or if you have any great tips to save your pennies and save your planet!

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