Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet

Let’s face it, we’ve all got to get ourselves in gear and move towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Everyday we are making thousands of decisions, some of these are positive and some are not. Nobody is perfect, so we can all take extra steps towards greener living. Environmentalism is for everyone, it is our responsibility. Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will help you make small changes to save some wonga and save the planet in the process!

We know you’re all busy bees, so Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will bring you three simple adjustments each month. Three’s an easy number, available to everyone with no drastic changes. We can’t change the world overnight, it’s all about baby steps. Did I mention they’re easy?

Get a bag for life

By now we should all know that plastics are really messing up this beautiful world we live in. It’s been estimated that around the world we use 1 TRILLION plastic bags a year. That’s madness. Only around 20% of plastics are recycled and the remaining 80% will take nearly 1,000 years to fully decompose. Besides it just looking plain nasty plastic has a massively negative effect on the environment and the wildlife that live within it. 

Get a bag for life and keep it with you. It might seem like a simple step but if everyone did the same we wouldn’t be having these issues. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. You’re going to save money on the plastic bags and contribute to environmental conservation.

If you want to learn more and help fight plastic pollution then take a look at here. Greenpeace are fighting to stop this plastic nightmare so help them out by signing their petition and even volunteer at your local group.

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
They’re not just for Christmas, they’re for life…

Share Lifts

Car sharing, lift sharing, carpooling… whatever you want to call it you should start doing it. This is when a driver shares their car journey with other people going to the same destination, and it’s become a big deal. Companies like Liftshare and Blablacar have made it very easy to find rides all over the country. Many schools, business and even festivals have jumped on the eco-bandwagon and also have sharing schemes.

The average car in the UK has 1.43 passengers, and I’m not talking about a little half person. I’m talking about a lot of wasted space in cars. This means that currently 100 people on UK roads will use 70 cars. However, if cars were used to full capacity only 20 cars would be needed. 

Why are people doing it? First and foremost, with fewer cars on the road we can limit air pollution and carbon emissions. There will also be far less traffic and less money will be needed to spend on road and parking infrastructure. Secondly, you’ll save a lot of money. All passengers will share the petrol costs with the driver and it’s estimated the average person will save £1,000 a year! What’s not to like, you can save your pennies and save your planet with journeys you would be doing anyway.
(P.s it’s also a really good way to make friends and meet interesting people 🙂

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet and make some friends! Let me in your car!

Think before you print

Depending on where you work, sometimes it’s hard to notice how much paper we actually use. Step foot into an office and then you’ll realise how bad the situation is. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year and of that 10,000 nearly 7,000 are considered scrap. That’s the equivalent of 4.48 trees per person a year! With paper consumption still on the rise, it’s shocking to know that 35% of cut trees are used for paper production. Are you starting to see my point? 

What can you do? In the digital world we live in most things can be done in digital form. Here’s a great list of 30 more things you can do to reduce your paper use. If you need a financial incentive then Citigroup Financial Services worked out that if their employees switched to double sided they would save $700,000 a year! Think of all the trees you could replant with $700,000!

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
Stop wasting that paper!

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