Behind every powerful image is a powerful story

It’s amazing when you can watch something on a screen and feel motivated to get up and do something positive. Well, we’ve found just that. You’re going to love this adventure and photography inspiration from Tales by Light. 

National Geographic, Canon and a selection of world famous photographers have teamed together to bring you Tales by Light – a visual masterpiece which documents the incredible story and work behind every single camera shot. When you’ve got two heavyweights like National Geographic and Canon working together you would expect something pretty damn good. Tales by Light definitely goes above and beyond and brings you 12 episode sure to inspire and awe. 

Even if you’re not a photographer or adventurer you’ll still be blown away by the visual mastery. 

Each episode follows a different photographer on their quest to find the perfect series of shots from around the world. The episodes are narrated by the photographers who tell their own personal story, their desires and ambitions. You’re really able to connect with each of them and tell how much passion and thought has gone into their work. Taking you to the most incredible corners of the world, from tropical marine oceans to Himalayan mountains, Tales by Light is definitely adventure and photography inspiration.

The first episode sets a precedent with world famous marine photographer Darren Jew searching for mating humpback whales in Tonga. You can feel the patience and timing involved in located the whales like you’re on the adventure with them. When the school of whales are finally found it’s just them and him in the ocean with scores of the huge animals swimming straight towards him. The end shots are absolutely beautiful and like no other you’ve seen before. 

My favourite episode however is with Richard L’anson in the Himalayas and India. He’s able to completely catch the feeling and emotion in a Buddhist monastery set in snow capped mountains. The narrating really makes you aware of  the meaning and intention of everything he captures, painting a whole story with a single image. Richard then goes on to document the Holi festival in India, with spectacular shots in the midst of the colourful action.

I’m not going to spoil all of the episodes, i’ll leave you to discover them for yourselves. Fortunately for you, all of them are on Netflix! If you’re hoping to have a lazy day I warn you that watching it will definitely inspire you to get up and do something cool. 


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What did you guys think of Tales by Light? Do you have any other inspirational viewing? Let us know in the comments box below!

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