Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet

Let’s face it, we’ve all need to get ourselves in gear and move towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Everyday we make thousands of decisions, some of them are positive and some are not. Nobody is perfect, so we can all take extra steps towards greener living. Environmentalism is for everyone, it’s our responsibility. Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will help you make small changes to save some wonga and save the planet in the process!

We know you’re all busy bees, so Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will bring you three simple adjustments each month. Three’s an easy number, available to everyone with no drastic changes. We can’t change the world overnight, it’s all about baby steps. Did I mention they’re easy?

Let that sun in

Spring is now upon us, so let’s utilise that sun. You might not have baking temperatures but that sunshine can really make a difference. Try and keep your blinds or curtains open and let sunlight naturally warm your house. You’ll quickly save money on the heating bills and can stop wasting energy that you don’t need to use. On top of this, it’s proven that rooms filled with natural light improve your mental state and increase productivity! If you wanna read a bit more about heating your house with the sun then give this a look.

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
Let that sun in!

Make use of those glass bottles

Everything you use each day has multiple uses and multiple lives. Before you throw something in the bin think what else you could use it for. Think outside the box, try and reuse as much as possible and start to limit your waste. Many of us use glass bottles everyday from the bottles of wine or beer you have after work to pasta sauces and condiments. You probably use more than you realise. Don’t just throw them in the bin when they’re empty, think of what else they could be used for. From candlestick holders, plant/herb pots or for food storage – how creative can you get? Give the glass a second life and always try to reuse! If you want some inspiration for what to do with your used glass then check this out.

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
Get creative, reuse that glass

Think about the wood

That’s a lovely dining table you have there. And what great chairs, it matches your bookshelf. Chances are a lot of these things are made of wood, right? It’s no secret that deforestation is one of the biggest destructive forces on the planet. Every year areas of forest bigger than England and Wales are being cut down, that’s a pretty horrific thought. Do you think anyone is planting enough trees to keep up with it? It’s not like we need trees to survive or anything…

In first world countries our demand for wooden furniture is a huge driving force behind this deforestation. Do we really need all this wooden furniture? We’re not suggesting ditching all wooden items but how about going second hand? You can get great items of furniture at a fraction of the price on sites like Ebay, Preloved and Gumtree. If you don’t like online shopping then get to some charity shops or car boot sales and pick up a bargain. Not only will you save a great deal of money, you’ll also help lower the demand for trees to be cut. Trees are definitely best when they’re in the ground, don’t you think?

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
They look much better here then in your house


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