Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet

Let’s face it, we all need to get ourselves in gear and move towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Everyday we make thousands of decisions, some of them are positive and some them are definitely not. Nobody is perfect so we can all take extra steps towards greener living. Environmentalism is for everyone, it’s our responsibility. Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will help you make small changes to save some wonga and save the planet in the process!

We know you’re all busy bees, so Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will bring you three simple adjustments each month. Three’s an easy number, available to everyone with no drastic changes. We can’t change the world overnight, it’s all about baby steps. Did I mention they’re easy?

Share your showers!

That’s right you heard us, sharing your shower is a great way to cut down on water usage and bills. The average shower in the UK uses nearly 50 litres of water every 5 minutes! Imagine pouring 25 large bottles of water away for every 5 minutes you spend washing. Plus, let’s face it, the majority of people take much more than 5 minutes in the shower. We’re not suggesting anyone goes smelly and stops washing but why don’t you double up in the shower? This is perhaps best for couple unless you have open minded housemates. Not only will you save money and a whole bunch of water you’ll also improve the connection with your shower partner and have extra clean backs!

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
“Can you just get that bit for me”

Get yourself a reusable water bottle

We shouldn’t need to tell you how much chaos plastic is causing on our beautiful Earth (If you do want to find out what’s going on then give this article a read). With 480 million plastic bottles sold in 2016 and 91% of plastic not recycled it’s clear to say we have a big problem. One super easy way to combat this is by getting a reusable water bottle. In the UK we’re lucky enough to have drinking water straight from the tap, why are we wasting money and the environment by buying bottles everyday? Plus, did you know that most businesses are legally obliged to fill up your water bottle? Nowadays reusable bottles are pretty trendy and there’s a huge choice for all you water bottle aficionados. Ethico do affordable reusable water bottles made completely from recycled materials, can’t beat that for £3.50! 

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
Why waste money and pollute this world? Get a reusable bottle!
Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
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Go local, go seasonal

With supermarket giants taking over our streets it can be easy to forget that fruit and vegetables are seasonal. On most UK high streets you can buy any fruit or vegetables at any point of the year. You can also pick up food from the furthest corners of the world at any old convenience store. This may all seem convenient when you’re craving some smashed avocados but think about the food miles. With the environmental cost of food production already high, when you start shipping (or even flying) food around the world it becomes a whole lot worse. Support your local farms and go for seasonal foods! At your local markets you can pick up fresh, delicious local produce for cheap prices. This means you can look forward to incredible foods at the right time of year, rather than buying flavourless strawberries at Christmas time. If you want to try local food delivered to your door then check out Food Box Finder – a cool tool to show you some great deliveries close to home.

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet
*note* this was our shop when living in Hanoi. Mormordica doesn’t grow in the UK!

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Comment below and let us know how you get along or if you have any great tips to save your pennies and save your planet!


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  • Using plastic bottle is stupid. Nowadays, some really stylish looking clay bottles are available in the market. They are environmentally friendly, cools down the water(a little bit), and look great. The companies that are promoting these products properly, a word of mouth can go a long way for them.

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