Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet

Let’s face it, we all need to get ourselves in gear and move towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Everyday we make thousands of decisions, some of them are positive and some them are definitely not. Nobody is perfect so we can all take extra steps towards greener living. Environmentalism is for everyone, it affects us all and is a global responsibility. Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will help you make small changes to save some wonga and help save the planet in the process!

We know you’re all busy bees, so Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet will bring you three simple adjustments each month. Three is an easy number, available to everyone with no drastic changes. We can’t change the world overnight, it’s all about baby steps. Did I mention they’re easy?

Ditch that straw

If you’re unaware of all the terrible effects plastic pollution is having on this planet then you gotta wake the hell up read this post. Single use plastics have such a huge impact on this amazing Earth without you even realising it. Straws seem like a small piece of plastic but they’re finding their way into the environment by the bucket load each day. Actually, it’s thought that around 8.5 BILLION straws are used each year in the UK alone! These straws may only be used for 20 minutes to slurp up your drink but it will take thousands of years for them to decompose. Plastic straws are increasingly being found in the stomachs of birds and sea creatures and are beginning to destroy ecosystems.

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It’s hard to imagine something so small and simple can have such a devastating effect. A simple answer to this is to buy a reusable straw – they’re cheap, hygienic and completely practical. Wherever you buy your drink simply say you already have a straw. Better yet, if the drink comes with a plastic lid then ask for it without. Small steps make a big difference and although it may not directly save you money getting a reusable straw will make Mamma Earth very happy!

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet - May 2018
Get a reusable straw!

Get your washing outside

Summer is finally upon us which means temperatures are rising and rain is at a minimum, hopefully. Hang your washing out to dry in the garden or balcony and save a whole bunch on utilities. This may seem obvious but how many people do you know that dry their washing on the radiators on a sunny day? I definitely know more than my fair share. It doesn’t have to be scorching, as long as the wind is blowing clothes will dry even in cold temperatures. If you live in a flat or don’t have a garden then you can easily fit a washing line on a balcony or get a clothes rack. Open those windows and let the breeze blow through, you’ll have dry undies in no time! This will save so much energy and will also have your clothes smelling beautifully fresh and aired. 

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet - May 2018
Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet – May 2018

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet - May - Veggie Vagabonds
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Get gardening

There are so many reasons why gardening is great, where do we even start? It’s one of the best tools you can adopt to improve your quality of life, save money and become more eco-friendly. Food production and food miles cause unnecessary pollution and waste so producing your own food is the perfect solution. You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh and you don’t need space the size of Kew Gardens. There’s a massive variety of food you can grow in a very limited space, indoors and without a lot of sunlight. If you’re new to gardening or if it’s something you’re interested in then take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Gardening. From just a few pots you can grow more tomatoes, courgettes, spinach, kale… then you’ll be able to consume. Not only is this an incredibly relaxing activity, you’re going to save loads of money and be getting delicious, fresh produce. Plus, it’s a great project to work on and you can’t beat the feeling of eating a meal from your home grown fruit and veggies!

Save Your Pennies, Save Your Planet - May 2018

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