These super simple energy balls are the perfect energy filled, protein rich, insanely tasty snack for you keen adventurers. Jam packed with so much good stuff to fuel your exploring bodies and souls. Tried and tested these balls are sure to last on your expeditions as they don’t contain any perishable ingredients. Providing all the right nutrients you need to take on the day ahead plus amazingly delicious, the ideal combo! So give these super simple energy balls a spin at home and let us know your verdict. 

Super Simple Energy Balls

With our hearts and minds fully immersed in our next big cycling challenge we can’t really think about much else at the moment. BUT, one thing we always find time to consider is our bellies! We’re forever making sure that FOOD somehow ties in with our plans and we’re sure to never miss a meal. However cycling for 9 hours a day and having limited cooking apparatus can mean that eating delicious and nutritious food is pretty difficult, not at Veggie Vagabonds though! Eating the right stuff, especially when adventuring is very important to us and we live by the moto that

“life is too short to eat bad food”

so it’s only passing our lips if it’s truly scrumptious.

Knowing that when we cycle we won’t have loads of time to prepare food and that are bodies will be craving protein and fuel I decided to get creative in the kitchen. The results are these densely delicious and nutritious super simple energy balls. These balls of goodness were created with the intention of being convenient, tasty and full of energy for us to gobble down on the go whilst cycling, hiking or exploring.

Super Simple Energy Balls

These super simple energy balls needed to contain substance that was going to fuel our journey and last along the way. I made them using non-perishable ingredients so they wouldn’t go off and we took them with us on our latest trip cycling around the Norfolk Coast. They lasted the 7 day journey and the outcome was a success! I used oats as they provide slow release energy and are a good source of fiber as well as being full of antioxidants that keep you fit as a fiddle. These little balls also contain desiccated coconut jammed packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus coconuts provide a natural source of quick energy and enhance physical and athletic performance.

To bind I used peanut butter which is full of generous amounts of good calories. Peanut butter has an abundance of vitamins and minerals which are good for you as well as being high in fiber. Not only this but it’s a good source of protein which is essential to help your muscles recover, especially after a long cycle. I also used some agave nectar to give these balls a sweet taste but feel free to use a sticky sweetener of your choice. To finish these little beauties off I rolled them in sunflower seeds for extra protein, fuel and substance as well as giving them a variety of textures.  By using non-perishable ingredients and blending everything together these energy balls are simple to create and are ideal to have whilst out and about.

These super simple energy balls are great in the morning with a energy boosting smoothie or a protein fuelled smoothie

Super Simple Energy Balls
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Not only are these super simple energy balls full of wholesome fuel, they taste bloody fantastic! We took a whole batch of these bad boys with us on our latest cycling expedition. They travelled 350 miles over the course of a week.  They endured humps and bumps, in rain and shine and they lasted beautifully. So they’re the perfect snack for on-the-go adventurers like us.

Give this recipe a go and let me know your thoughts! I’d really love to know where you take them adventuring so don’t forget to tag us in your snaps exploring the globe.

Super Simple Energy Balls Recipe

Preparation time: 25 minutes
This recipe will make 30 golf sized balls


100 grams of oats 
75 grams of desiccated coconut 
3 generous heaped tablespoons of peanut butter 
50 ml of agave nectar – or a sticky sweetener of your choice 
Roughly 100 grams of sunflower seeds – depending on how many stick to your energy balls. 


1. Begin by weighing out the ingredients. 
2. Add all the ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend them all together. 
3. If your mixture is difficult to blend try adding some more peanut butter or agave nectar. If it gets really stuck add a little water, about a teaspoons worth at a time to help it blend. Try and avoid using water as it will stop the balls sticking as well and will effect the taste. 
4. Once fully combined roll the balls in the roughly the size of a golf ball. 
5. Then roll the balls in sunflower seeds.
6. Place on baking paper or foil and pop the in the fridge to set.
You can eat these bad boys straight away or keep them to enjoy later at your hearts content.

Super Simple Energy Balls
Begin by weighing out the oats…
Super Simple Energy Balls
And the desiccated coconut
Super Simple Energy Balls
Add 3 generous heaped tablespoons of peanut butter
Super Simple Energy Balls
Combine all of the ingredients in a blander or food processor
Super Simple Energy Balls
Once fully combined roll the mixture in to golf ball size pieces and cover them in sunflower seeds
Super Simple Energy Balls
Put in the fridge to set or eat straight away if you simple can’t resist

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Thanks for sharing!

The ingredients are very tasty and super-nutritious. Tahini (sesame paste) would fit perfectly, too. It could substitute peanut butter or just go together with it.

Those who are looking to reduce the carbs and sugar should go easy with agave nectar (and other sweeteners). I recommend including fresh dates for the sweet taste and great texture.

Keep it up!

I’m such an energy ball addict! I could eat them all day long 😄 These sound super yummy and easy, I will definitely try them!