49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

Camping is one of the greatest experiences in the world, if you have the right packing list. If you haven’t then it can be a nightmare. It takes some time to learn all the things you really need and all the things you really don’t need, but after years of camping we’ve finally got it perfectly. Whether it’s for a hiking, cycling, backpacking or caravaning trip these are 49 things that should always be on your camping packing list. We’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to…

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List
All of the items below are the best quality, budget friendly options that we take with us on all of our camping trips.  We only use lightweight and easily stored products so all 49 items on this list will easily fit in two peoples camping rucksacks or cycling panniers. In our experience Amazon has the most efficient delivery service and competitive prices so we’ve given you links to buy it straight from the site!

Sleeping Gear

the really important stuff

Whilst everything on this list is important, sleeping gear is most definitely the top priority. You’ll be hard pushed to have a successful camping trip without a decent place to sleep. When we were younger we used to skimp on some of this equipment but now we’ve realised that no matter what type of trip you need a good nights sleep to make the most of it. For that reason this is one part of our camping packing list that we’re happy to spend a bit more money on. 

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

1 – Tent // Vango Mirage 200 Pro

Earlier this year we bought the Mirage 200 Pro from Vango and it’s been perfect. It’s very easy to put up, one person can do it in less than 5 minutes without breaking a sweat. Also because of the design you don’t need to use guide ropes which is very useful when you’re camping in tight spots, and, at 3 kg it’s a comfortable weight to carry. For two people it’s spacious  and would easily accommodate 3 if you’re happy to get snuggly.

We’ve used it in all weather conditions minus snow and we can’t fault it. It stood well in strong winds, didn’t leak in consistently heavy rains and was cool with good ventilation in hot weather. We’ve been using it for our cycle touring and there is easily enough room for the two of us, all of our panniers and gear with enough room to cook in the porch with the cover down if there’s bad weather outside. A top tent, especially for the price, so this is always with us no matter what type of camping trip we have coming up.

2 – Sleeping Bag // Vango Latitude 300

The Vango latitude 300 is our go-to sleeping bag, it’s super warm, water resistant and well fitted for a perfect nights sleep. The mummy shape hugs your body, keeping the the warmth in so you’re comfortable sleeping up to -15°c. The zipping system is easy from the inside or outside, rarely catching and there more than enough room for me at 6’1. It weighs 1.8kg and stows away in an easy to use bag which fits well in a rucksack. It’s toasty so on warmer nights we unzip them and use them as a duvet which also works great. What’s more, It’s recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh who really knows his stuff about outdoor gear!

If you’re travelling in hot climates then a sleeping bag liner is another option. You can use them as a really light layer to cover you from insects or a breeze and they’re almost the size of a tennis ball when folded. If you’re going to be in hostels or using other peoples sleeping gear you can use it to keep you clean from the dirty sheets!

3 – Roll Mat // Multimat Camper 25

A good roll matt makes such a big difference for a good nights sleep. If you’re hiking or doing a lot of activities during your camping trip you need to give your muscles a rest. The Multimat Camper 25 is lighter than most and folds up to up to a smaller size than the usual yoga style rolling system. It’s easy to inflate, even after a long days hiking and really gives you a good nights sleep. This comes with us on every camping trip and our backs are very happy because of it.

4 – Pillow // Vango Self-Inflating Pillow

This Vango self-inflating pillow is another addition to make sure you wake up feeling rested and takes up almost no space in your bag.

5 – Lighting

When the sun goes down it’s nice to have some lights in your tent and we find these fairy lights perfect. We chose these over a lantern because they’re smaller and the batteries last a long time giving your tent a magical glow!

6 – Blanket

If you can’t tell, weight and size are really big factors for us. It’s just what you need to put down on wet grass or hot sand and takes up no room in your bag. The blanket below is the biggest blanket we could find at the lowest weight.

Cooking Gear

At Veggie Vagabonds we LOVE our food. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always make time for good food – camping is no exception. All the gear here is lightweight, practical and will make sure your camping trip is  bloody tasty.

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

7 – Stove // Campingaz 206

It’s not the lightest stove but we like being able to store it with the gas cartridge. The Campingaz 206 is sturdy and works well in strong winds as the pot stands are wide enough to leave things cooking on their own. Using the mess tin we’ve listed below you can easily boil a full tin of water in 5 minutes.


8 – Camping Gas

We’ve never actually bought other brands in the UK as Campingaz has always been good. One canister will comfortably last two people for around 10 meals, depending on how long you’re cooking. Go for noodles or cous cous, they boil real quick.


9 – Sporks

We love sporks, they’re great and they’re a much lighter way to bring cutlery. These guys are awesome quality and because they’re metal you can use them to stir hot things from the stove.


10 – Knives

A good chopping knife is a must for any camping trip. How are you going to chop all of your veggies? This guy is lightweight and really good quality, it’s been lasting us for quite a while. The safety sheath is important to keep it clean and to stop it stabbing holes in the bags you put it in! Oh, and it’s really sharp, so be careful!


11 – Plates, bowls & cups

For two people this is a great set, with 2 plates, 2 bowls and 2 cups, it’s everything that you need. They don’t weigh much but they’re good quality, don’t scratch and will last for years to come.

12 – Frying pan/mess tin // Vango Hard Anodised Mess Tin

A good quality mess tin is an absolute must on a camping trip. We use this Vango mess tin for all of our cooking on the stove and it’s the perfect size. With the anodised surface it means it won’t scratch or burn to keep it lasting a long time. It washes simply and the heatproof handle folds for easy storage. The lid helps cook things quicker and when it’s not being used for food you can use it for storage!

13 – Plastic Storage box

These are definitely Sarah’s favourite. A good quality storage box has so many uses but we use it to store some of our cooking grear and also to put leftover food in. It’s airtight so you don’t need to worry about spillages and is lightweight considering it’s quality.

14 – Herb selection

How are you going to make a good meal without your herbs man? We normally put a selection of our favourite herbs into ziplock bags so it’s nice and light. You can wash these out and reuse them so it’s nice and sustainable. If you’re extra clever you can plan your meals and make herb mixes to put in the bags, Mexican chilli coming up!

15 – Tea Towel

The few times we’ve forgotten a tea towel we’ve ended up having to sacrifice clothing to dry things. Don’t make that mistake, get a tea towel! You can buy them online but they’re probably cheaper to find at a shop near you.

16 – Can opener

You can get big professional looking can openers, but why do you need to take that on a camping trip? This is all you need and we are yet to find a can that it can’t open. We’ve also tried using the can openers on penknives which works but can be seriously messy, so this is definitely our choice.

17 – Scouring Pad

For the dishes, or anything else you want to clean. We choose a scouring pad because they’re easy to clean off tough food and the enamel plates and the mess tin don’t scratch. These guys are probably cheaper at your local supermarket.


It’s great to away from things but you want to remember all those incredible moments, don’t you? I don’t know about you but I’ve got a terrible memory. All of the electronics on this camping packing list have been thoroughly researched and tried before we bought them. We like to know we’re getting a good deal, so these guys are the best you’ll find for the budget.

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

18 – Lightweight Camera // Sony HX60

We bought the Sony HX60 primarily because it has an incredible zoom. It really is powerful and you can still take crisp shots at 30x zoom – at 20 megapixels it’s hard to believe it’s not more expensive. To us this is the perfect travel camera because it’s lightweight, tough and takes cracking shots. It has an almost fully responsive manual mode, so you still have some of the play you would with a DSLR. Overall we love it, we’ve had it for nearly 3 years and it’s always done us proud!

19 – DSLR camera // Nikon D3400

Again, this is another item we spent absolutely ages researching and making sure it was the best value for our money. The Nikon D3400 is beautiful, it’s not overly heavy for a DSLR and gives really crisp shots even with the kit lens. We couldn’t make up our mind between a similar Canon DSLR which was more expensive, but after using the two the Nikon was a hands down winner. It sits comfortably in your hand, has great battery life and comes with a useful guide mode for newbies photographers. It’s also quite sturdy and has lasted many drops and bangs which is hard to avoid on camping trips.

20 – GoPro Session

What are you going to do when you want an underwater video? Or a shot with you jumping from a waterfall? Or an action clip of you being chased by a bear? We can’t vouch for the third one but the GoPro Session is amazing at the first 2 and so much more. There are more expensive models but if we wanted to shoot sharper videos we would do it on the DSLR. It’s mindbogglingly small and does everything we need for our camping trips. 

21 – Phones with good battery and GPS // Moto G6

For just over £200 you can’t go wrong with the Motorola g6, there is a cheaper £219 model with 32GB memory but it’s worth spending a touch extra for the 64GB. Why did we buy it? After lots, and lots, and lots of searching and trying phones this was definitely the overall winner. It’s got an awesome battery, latest Android operating system and a really great camera. I was really surprised how great the phone was, better than a lot of other more expensive phones.

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List
Not a bad shot for a £200 phone!

It will comfortably last 2 days with little usage or a full day using GPS and taking photos and videos. It has a turbo charge mode, so it’s almost fully charged in an hour which is handy and it’s water resistant just in case you get stuck in the rain. Most importantly, the camera is shockingly good. If I’m in a rush I will get better photos on this than on my DSLR.

22 – Solar powered battery pack // Outze 24,000 mAH Solar Power Bank

This Outxe 24,00 mAH battery pack is slightly heavy BUT you get around 8/10 charges on phones, it’s waterproof, dustproof and shook proof. Plus it has solar panels which aren’t great in low light but on a sunny day comfortably recharge the pack. It has clips so you can attach it to a bag or a tent outside to leave in the sun. This has been the perfect recent addition to our camping packing list to keep our electronics going. Our last trip was 5 days charging 2 phones, 2 cameras and a GoPro and it came back with ample charge left.

23 – GoPro mounts and lightweight tripod

We bought this set years ago and have been very happy with it. We don’t take all of it with us on our camping trips but everything we’ve used has lasted well. We really like the tripod and you can use it for your DSLR and compact camera too.

24 – Speakers // Minirig

If you want music on your camping trip then a Minirig is the best option. Although you can definitely find cheaper portable speakers Minirig’s have incredible sound. It’s the best portable Bluetooth speakers we’ve found plus it’s splash, dust and shock resistant which is just what you want on a camping trip.

25 – Chargers

What good are electronics without chargers?

Misc Essentials

All of these items are crucial to any camping packing list AND owning them makes you feel a whole lot more accomplished as an outdoors person. It’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Although that may not be the case when weight is a concern these are all things we never leave for a trip in the outdoors without.

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List
49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

26 – Penknife // Leatherman Rebar

Owning a good penknife is like a right of passage for any campers or outdoors people. A well equipped penknife will dramatically lower your weight rather than bringing the tools individually. We’ve always gone with Leatherman because they’re good quality and reliable, coming with a 25 year warranty which is bloody fantastic. The Rebar comes with all the tools you’re likely to need and nothing extra for unnecessary weight. 


27 – Compass and map

If you’re going to be trekking or moving into lesser travelled areas then make sure you have a map and compass. You don’t know when the GPS on your phone is going to cut out.

28 – Water bottle // Corsa 950ml

We’ve had a whole bunch of different water bottles but since Easter we’ve been using these Corsa bottles. We try not to use plastic but these are recycled and biodegradeable which is nice. The 950ml size is perfect and doesn’t weigh much so it’s great for all camping trips.


29 – Lighter

Man make fire. Actually, we both make the fires and a lighter is the easiest way to do it. Any old lighter from any old shop will do, but we always take a few just in case they break and keep a spare in a waterproof bag.

30 – Head torch // Petzl Tikka

We’ve had the Petzl Tikka for a LONG time and it’s great quality, with 200 lumens so it’s really bright. It sits comfortably on your head and the batteries last a long time. We’ve also used it in heavy rains and it comes out unscathed.


31 – Water purifiers

Does exactly what it say on the tin, 1 tablet for 1 litre of water and an amazing price. Great if you’re getting off-the-beaten-track.


49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List
Pin me!

32 – SAS survival book

If you’re an outdoors person and you’ve never seen this book then you’re in for a treat. It’s a handy pocket size and tells you how to survive every disaster situation possible from tsunamis to finding water and making shelter it’s got it all. My Mum bought it for me for my first camping trip and I haven’t had a trip without it since!


33 – Ducktape // Gorilla Tape

Gorilla tape has been our saviour on a number of occasions, from broken tent poles to ripped tarp, it always does the job. Gorilla tape is like the BMW of the tape world: it’s strong, reliable and efficient but more expensive than other brands. The slight extra cost we definitely think is worth it and it comes in a handy travel size.


34 – Zip Ties

Another item that is always on our camping packing list. Zip ties have so many uses and are great if things start to break or fall apart. We do a lot of cycling so we use them to secure things to our bike frames or to our bags.


35 – Flint stick

A flint stick weighs almost nothing and is super small but could be a lifesaver if you need to make a fire and don’t have a lighter. Even when we do have a lighter I always like to test my Bear Grylls and try and make a fire from wood and the flint stick. Just in case…

36 – Sewing kit

Whether it’s your clothes, your rucksack or your sleeping bag, if something rips or breaks a travel sewing kit is the perfect solution. If you’re in proper survival mode then you can even use it to give stitches…

37 – Waterproof bags // Vango Drybags

These are one of our favourite additions to our camping packing list. We use them when we’re cycle touring to keep our stuff together in easy sections and keep them dry. They are 100% waterproof, incredibly lightweight and really sturdy. For the price it’s the perfect option to keep your valuables dry and you can get them in a variety of sizes.


38 – Ziplock bags

Perfect to store food, keep personal items or tools together or keep your valuables dry. They’re very strong and a good size so you can store a lot of things without the bags breaking. Stay sustainable and wash and reuse the bags. We bought one pack ages ago and we’re only half way through.

39 – Biodegradable bin bags

A really, really important aspect of camping is to leave no trace. Make sure you take all your shit with you and these are the perfect biodegradeable bags to clear up your stuff with a clear conscience. They’re a good size and they’re nice and strong so there’s no chance of splitting.

40 – Rechargeable batteries

Always useful, whether it’s for your headtorch, fairylights or remote control car. You definitely save money and don’t waste batteries each time. 

Medical & Personal Gear

If you’re not feeling good then camping isn’t going to be very fun. Whether it’s scratches from angry squirrels or nettle stings all the gear below will make sure you’re covered. We try and keep our personal gear to a minimum but we’ve also added some of the extra gear we wouldn’t leave for a camping trip without.

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

41 – First aid kit

Sarah would say this is one of the most important items on the list. This is the first aid kit we camp with because it’s well priced, small and comes with all the basics you need. She also puts a lot of other bits and bobs in it like tweezers, so there’s enough room for extras.


42 – Sun screen

Why bother with factor 10? Even if you think you’re safe in the sun put some on in the morning and you can relax for the rest of the day. Sleeping in a tent with severe sunburn is not a fun experience!


43 – Soducream

I don’t know if this stuff is made of magic but it seems to be the solution to almost every problem we’ve had. Bites, stings, sunburn, chaffing, cuts, unknown rashes, dry skin the lot. Basically, if there’s a problem with your skin slap some Soducream on and it will probably get better.

*disclaimer* I am the furthest thing from a medical professional but Sudocream has saved my skin on countless camping occasions so I can vouch for it!

44 – Rehydration salts

This is on our packing list for almost everything active we do. Don’t let the name fool you, they’re just rehydration salts and are great after a long day of sweating to replenish your electrolytes. They are also useful if you have the shits, which is definitely not enjoyable when you’re in a tent in the middle of nowhere.

45 – Bug Spray // Jungle Formula

Jungle Formula make reliable insect spray to keep you bite free on your camping trip. This is quite a strong product which we have used when camping in places with malaria but they also have lighter options. 


46 – Travel towel // Mountain Warehouse Microlite Travel Towel

When you’re camping you don’t want to take a big heavy towel. These guys are light, pack away to small and are very good at drying. They’re also anti-odour, so if you’re a piffy camper then you don’t need to worry.


47 – Guide book

If you don’t have any internet signal it’s always good to have a guidebook with you to plan your camping trip. You don’t have to take a Romania guide book but we’re going there next year and are crazy excited!


48 – Notepad and pencil

It’s always nice to keep track of days and plan what you’re doing. We always take a pencil because they’re more reliable and they can’t mess up your bags if they pop!

49 – Playing Cards

Is it even possible to travel without playing cards? We don’t know because we’ve never done it. When in doubt, play cards.

49 Things That Should Always Be on Your Camping Packing List

What else do you always take on your camping packing list? Tell us in the comments section below!

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35 Responses

  • You must have thought of everything. I think Sudocream has saved me so many times too. I have that SAS book and you have an extensive list of thing, but there’s nothing on there that I would omit now that I have seen this list. Thank you for such a useful post!

  • What you pack can definitely make or break a camping trip! Every time I’ve ever gone camping has been part of a backpacking trip, so I would never pack a lot of this because it isn’t absolutely necessary (every ounce adds up in a pack lol – I’ve never taken a pillow before, just used a sweatshirt or something!). But for a more causal camping trip, this is a great list!

    • Yes I think if you’re very weight conscious then you could easily get rid of the pillows. Recently all of our camping gear has been taken with us on our bikes so we have quite a bit more room than the normal backpacks 🙂

  • Great list! I haven’t been camping for ages, but will be doing some in the mountains in Canada this summer, so your list will come in handy. I definitely could have used the Jungle formula bug spray on a recent outing where I was attacked by black flies. The regular stuff didn’t deter them at all!

  • Wow! 49 items that are lightweight that can be carried easily by two people! The sleeping bag looks cozy. I love the idea if self-inflating pillow. I agree that life is better with a supply f herbs. Thanks for thinking of the little things like zip ties. I have a difficult time getting our family out camping, but this list should help.

    • As long as you’ve got at least 60l rucksacks it all goes in quite easily for two people. Saying that we normally take a lot less clothes than most, so if you like to have a lot to change into then it might be a tight squeeze!

  • This is a really wonderful list! I used to camp often as a kid, and never would have thought to take an inflatable pillow – that would have saved me a lot of neck issues. Those sporks also look really nifty – camping gear has improved so remarkably over the last 15 years!

  • This is one thing I don’t like about camping- the amount of stuff you have to bring with you! My husband and I have made it a goal to bring less and less unnecessary gear each time we camp.

  • Great picks! Though you forgot one important thing that could mean a life or death camping trip… the cork screw!! Haha, okay maybe that’s just me 😉 I’m definitely with you on the duct tape and zip ties, I can’t even count the amount of time those have saved our butts on a camping trip. The fairy lights are great, I’m gonna have to work them into my next trip, and the playing cards are a definite must! Recently we found an old abandoned rug at the crubside pickup and that’s become an integral part of our camping trips – we set it up outside the tent under a tarp or beach umbrella and it’s the ultimate chill out zone for relaxing, cards and… of course… sippin’ wine 🙂

    • Ha, totally with you on the corkscrew, we’ve got one on the penknife so we’re covered. Although, I think you can have some pretty funny situations trying to get the cork out of a bottle, as long as someone doesn’t end up covered in wine!

  • I have camping lots of time and I still do it … Your list is really extensive and perfect… I will use this list as a check list and recommend to other friends of mine too :)…

  • Our camping essentials include sleeping pads and water bottle with built in purifier/filter. You always need a good night’s sleep, and the water bottle/filter helps us reduce our reliance on disposable plastic bottles.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Your checklist is great and informative. I often bring canned food while camping or hiking so I don’t need some cooking equipment like stove or gas fuel. Keep up your great work and happy camping 🙂

    • Hi Luna 🙂 Canned food is always good, we tend to take it on shorter trips. It’s also quite exciting looking for all the vegan varieties, each time we go to buy some we find something new!

  • wow really good idea about camping. many people don’t know that which is needed for a camping. then in the camping time, the feel uncomfortable because the missed something, thanks for the credit. i think everyone should list that before going a camping.
    best regards

  • Thank you for the helping post.
    As far as RV essentials go, a water filter is definitely one. You can choose for yourself whether you will drink the water through your RV or not.

  • My sister and I want to go on an adventure trip this summer to fulfill our bucket list. Among these items on your list, I will definitely remember to pick up a roll mat in order for people to rest their weary muscles. Aside from gear, do you have any tips on where can two people sign up for overnight camps? Thanks!

    • Hey Tim, awesome to hear about your camping trip, and yes I think a good camping mat is crucial to enjoy your time. Which country are you planning on camping in so I can suggest places to sign up?

  • I agree with you when you said that not having the right packing list can be a nightmare. Imagine not getting the right size of a tent or forgetting the knives and can opener? That gonna be very inconvenient. We are planning to go camping next week, and I need to make sure that everything is well prepared including the outdoor equipment. Thanks for reminding me of these things.

    • Forgetting a bottle opener can also be a nightmare! Next week we’ll be publishing another packing list for cycle touring you might be interested in! Keep your eyes on our social media and you’ll see as soon as it comes out 🙂

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