New Year's Resolutions
Now that Christmas is behind us we get to that exciting time when the New Year is on the horizon. We can look back at the moments which made the year special, memorable, nerve racking or even maybe sad and look forward to the adventures to come.
At Veggie Vagabonds we firmly believe that life is what you make it and a few little adjustments can make the coming year so much more beautiful for yourself, those around you and the rest of the world.
These New Year’s resolutions can be adopted by absolutely anyone, no matter where you are (so you’ve got no excuses!) and they’re also free. They’ll help make your year unforgettable and also the world a brighter place – enjoy and happy New Year!
Spend more time in nature
Leaving the urban sprawl and spending more time in mother nature is proven to benefit your mind, body and soul. Not only will you develop a bigger appreciation for the natural world, it can also help reduce stress hormones, relax muscles and lower blood pressure.

New Year's Resolutions
Man, we loved this autumn wandering through the woods

Go vegan
I mean, how could we leave this one out? If there’s one New Year’s resolution I recommend to everyone it’s going vegan. It’s doesn’t have to be 100% vegan straight away but take your time and slowly cut out animal products. It’s the easiest step to a greener lifestyle, you’ll feel great and no longer be contributing to the needless killing of animals. If you want some more reasons why then check out this article.
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Can you beat the feeling of enjoying a good book in the perfect environment? Most of us love reading but don’t make time for it (and for most of us there is always time if we really want there to be). This New Year change that and allocate a certain part of your day or week to forget about the rest of your life and tuck into a good book. If you like travel writing then I highly recommend the Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux.
Explore your local surroundings
This was one of our New Year’s resolutions last year and how glad we are to have kept to it. So many of us wonder half way across the world without even thinking about all the incredible experiences on our own doorstep. Save the money, save the emissions and embrace the local wonders around you. No matter where you are you’ll be able to find at the very least glimmers of excitement and beauty to give you a new found appreciation of your nearby surroundings.

New Year's Resolutions
There’s always somewhere new to explore

Reduce, reuse, recycle
2018 seemed to be the year people started to wake up to the horrors of environmental pollution and plastic waste. No matter what you do or where you live it’s impacting us all so we need to make a change. 3 simple New Year’s resolutions which can make this happen are; reduce, reuse, recycle. Firstly, and most importantly, try to reduce the amount you are consuming, then try and reuse the products and if they can’t be reused then recycle them.
Learn a language
Experiencing the world through a different language has a real beauty to it. You open up a whole new world of culture, food, cinema and understanding and will likely make plenty of new friends in the process. If you learn in the right way it’s an absorbingly incredible process and holding your first conversation in a foreign language feels frickin’ awesome!
Have time to put electronics away
We’re surrounded by interesting people, opportunities, environments and conversations but it’s often wasted because our eyes are glued to screens. Nowadays it’s hard to tell if people really do want to be happy and have incredible experiences or if they just want to have the photos to share with the world.
Put the electronics down and go for a walk, go for a meal, go for a hike or go to a friends but do it without the gadgets. Try and take a moment each day to focus on what’s around you and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how amazing it is.

New Year's Resolutions
One of our New Year’s resolutions for this year is to allocate time away from electronics

Say hello to people
Why don’t people like to say hello to each other anymore? Imagine how nice it would be if everyone said hello and treated each other like friends. In some parts of the world this still happens but coming from the South of England I can safely say in other parts it definitely doesn’t. Yes, if you say ‘hello’ to people on the London underground they might think you’re a bit crazy but on the inside they’ll be smiling. If enough people do it we can make it spread until everyone is walking around with beaming smiles and greeting people like long lost friends.
Pick up a new hobby
Ever thought about knitting, pole dancing, sky diving or maybe even poetry? There’s no time like the present! One of our last New Year’s resolutions was to pick a new hobby so we started rock climbing and now we’re SERIOUSLY hooked. Picking up a new hobby, no matter what it is, will open you up to a whole new realm of the world and probably help you meet some interesting new people. If you need some inspiration check out Lena who started skateboarding and graffiti at the age of 61 – she’s pretty damn cool!

New Year's Resolutions
We’re pretty hooked with climbing!

Give something back
This can take many shapes or forms but each year it’s a beautiful New Year’s resolution to try and give something back. Even with a busy life we can fit in some kind of volunteer work, raising money for charity or just spending time with vulnerable people in the community. The more altruistic deeds in the world will only mean great things.
Go minimal
You don’t have to start living out of a backpack (although we love doing it) or strip back your home to basic furnishings but have a think about the things you really need in your day to day life. Stop and think before making purchases this year, do you need them? Despite what the adverts may say you really don’t need all the excess material possessions and you can save the money for experiences that will change your life.
Get active
There’s nothing more refreshing than feeling fit and full of life. I’m not suggesting 5 am boot camp sessions and marathon running just making your lifestyle more active. Even if you just start cycling to work or walking to the shops it’s something you definitely won’t regret. This New Year’s revolution will make you fitter, lift your mood and help you live to see plenty more beautiful years!

New Year's Resolutions
Plenty of unforgettable years to come

Re-connect with friends and family
Everyone has friends and family they’ve lost touch with over the years. Whether it’s childhood friends, old housemates or aunties and uncles there’s a reason you were once close with them – get back in touch!
Overcome a fear
Sounds scary but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing which leaves you trembling but think of something you might shy away from and try to confront it. This could mean your first solo travel trip, striking a conversation with a stranger or even trying a food you’ve always been unsure of trying.
Set yourself a challenge
Two years ago we set ourselves the challenge of no longer flying and continuing are adventures. Since then we’ve cycled the length of the UK, climbed a huge number of mountains and are about to embark on an overland cycle from the UK to India. You don’t have to cycle from the UK to India but setting yourself a personal and achievable challenge is a fun way of keeping focused and driven throughout the year.

New Year's Resolutions
UK to India by bike… bring it on!

15 New Year’s Resolutions for a Brighter Year

In our opinion life is all about being happy and following these New Year’s resolutions will help you do just that. They’re available to everyone, they’re free of charge and there’s no bloody harm in trying them!
Committing to all 15 may not be possible for everyone in which case pick a few which resonate within you and see how they change the next twelve months. If you do pursue all 15 then I think you’ll be set for a bloody good year.
From Sarah and myself (Josh) we hope the last year has been amazing and the coming year brings beautiful things!

New Year's Resolutions
Pin me!

If you’ve got more New Year’s resolutions that you want to tell us about then let us know in the comments below.

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