Welcome to the Veggie Vagabonds, we’re Josh and Sarah!

When two people with hungry bellies and hungry souls crossed paths, united by a big appetite and itchy feet a trip was planned and the adventure began. We both firmly believe that life is far too short to eat bad food and that there are way too many adventures to be had to stay in one place. We wander through life taking it one meal and one mountain at a time in search of belly filling adventures around the globe.

As one life long veggie and one teen convert we both moved to a completely vegan lifestyle when realising the impact of animal products on the planet. Discovering we had the same ethos for travel and life is how the Veggie Vagabonds was born!

The effect we are having on our planet is not sustainable and we strive to lead a lifestyle which compliments our home rather than hinders it. In our eyes a life free of animal products is the easiest and most productive step to limiting our negative impact on Earth. We know that vegan living doesn’t mean putting adventures on hold or compromising morals but we realise a lot of others don’t. We want to prove that every cuisine could be conquered, mountain climbed and country explored. This is why we put Veggie Vagabonds together: to help others continue their adventure in a more sustainable way.

If you’re like us and fed up of ‘budget’ guides for the wealthy travellers, ‘basic’ recipes with 7 types of sugar and 5 types of flour and sustainable lifestyle tips the Dalai Lama would struggle to follow then this is the place for you! Of course there is a time and place for vegan intricacies, however to maintain a long-term ethical lifestyle we believe that sometimes less is more. Here at Veggie Vagabonds you’ll find practical and independent information on sustainable travel, ethical eating and green living no matter where you are in the world. We champion a no-nonsense, practical and accessible guide to inspire you to become veggie vagabonds!