We’re Josh and Sarah, the faces behind Veggie Vagabonds and here’s a bit more about us…

When two people with hungry bellies and hungry souls crossed paths, united by a big appetite and itchy feet a trip was planned and the journey began. We both firmly believe that life is far too short to eat bad food and that there are way too many adventures to stay in one place. We wander through life taking it one meal and one mountain at a time in search of belly filling adventures around the globe.

Yo I’m Josh, I’m cursed with a restless soul but blessed with a bottomless appetite. I feel at home when I’m in the outdoors and I like to climb up things. Besides the obvious I’m real interested in world religions, I crave spicy food and I like to cook with music blasting.

At Veggie Vagabonds I run our Sustainable Travel section, the techy side of things and our communications (sorry if I’m slow replying!).

Interesting fact: half my family are Iranian and the other half are South African!

Hi I’m Sarah, I was born eager to explore so I always say yes to new things. I have a love for nature and especially adore being by the sea.

One of my biggest passions in life is food; eating it, cooking it or learning about it, I don’t care as long as food is involved!

Ethical Eating is my realm and I’m also the resident social media butterfly.

Interesting fact: I’m a trained mental health recovery worker!

In a sentence…
We put Veggie Vagabonds together to help you experience the wonders of this world in a sustainable way and to showcase delicious vegan food

Over the years we’ve learnt there are untold adventures around every corner but we need to help preserve them. In our eyes a vegan diet is the easiest step to a greener lifestyle so we want to help make that possible no matter where your travels take you. Veggie Vagabonds is out to prove every cuisine can be conquered, mountain climbed and country explored with a happy, healthy vegan diet.

Vegan in Sri Lanka - An Ethical Eaters Guide

So it’s just for vegans?

Hell no. Veggie Vagabonds is for everyone but we do think you’ll make the switch after seeing some of our recipes!

At Veggie Vagabonds you’ll find;

  • Detailed travel guides and tips that embrace budget travel, the outdoors and true culture
  • Everything you need for sustainable vegan travel!
  • Vegan recipes inspired from our travels around the globe
  • Honest opinions, real-life encounters and questionable attempts at humorous writing

We’re super glad you found us here and hope you enjoy Veggie Vagabonds. Now you know a bit more about us we’d love to know more about you. Connect with us on social media and tell us a little bit about yourself or drop us an email!

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