French Recipe Round Up

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Didn’t think you could find any French vegan recipes? Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

You may know it already but traditional French food isn’t that vegan friendly. Actually, it can be pretty terrible for us herbivores. As vegans, we don’t think we should miss out on any country’s cuisine, and so we’ve compiled this list of delicious French traditional food that is completely veganised! 

Pedalling our way through France has worked up a hefty appetite. It’s a good thing that all this cycling is quite the workout as we always indulge to our heart’s content whilst exploring a country. Initially, it seemed like vegans in France would really struggle but we have managed to find some accidentally vegan foods, supermarket finds and fresh produce markets, plus we’ve been whipping up some triumphs on the camp stove! 

Traditional French food, however, is really not that vegan friendly. When wandering past restaurants we’ve kept our eyes peeled for potential things to try but never find things completely free from some type of animal product. Whilst staying with hosts we’ve asked them what traditional French foods we can try only to be met with puzzled faces and being told that “you cannot find ANY traditional dish without meat, cheese or egg!”.

This had to change!

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its cuisine, so this seemed like bad news. Determined not to miss, and to share a famous cuisine with the vegan community, we’ve compiled a list of the best vegan French recipes so they can be enjoyed by all.

We’ve covered all bases from starters to mains, and sauces to desserts. Take a peep at the list and tell us which is your favourite! 

Smaller Vegan Bites

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan quiche

Crustless Mini Vegan Quiche 

One of our favourite French vegan recipes, these mini French quiches are great as a starter or served as a side. They can also be eaten hot or cold and work nicely to accompany light lunches.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan lentil salad

Warm French Vegan Lentil Salad

A simple recipe that’s full of nutrients, flavour and can be rustled up quickly. The lentils are full of protein, so this is a good vegan French recipe if you’re fueling an active lifestyle!

French Recipe Round Up
Coquilles Saint Jacques

Vegan Coquilles Saint Jacques

French traditional food at its finest! This vegan take on coquilles saint Jacques is rich and creamy much like the original, which would combine nicely with one of the lighter salad options.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan potato salad

Easy Vegan-Friendly French Potato Salad

Another easy vegan recipe that you can make quickly from scratch but is oozing with flavour!

French Recipe Round Up
French onion soup

Vegan French Onion Soup

One of the iconic French recipes that has been enjoyed for centuries all over the country and the world. Give this vegan-friendly version a go, you won’t regret it!

Vegan Main Dishes

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan Bourguignon

Vegan Seitan Bourguignon

Another traditional French dish which is steeped in history and culture. This vegan recipe is made using seitan which adds delicious flavour and lots of nutrients too.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan cassoulet

Smokey Portobello Mushroom Vegan Cassoulet 

This one is a great winter warmer and French food recipe if you’re looking for some comfort eating. Portobello mushrooms, mmmm…

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan quiche

Smokey Tempeh Vegan Quiche with Aubergine Crust 

Want to make some vegan French food that will impress? This smokey tempeh quiche stands out from the crowd with an aubergine crust instead of pastry and also makes it lighter and full of flavour. Plus, who doesn’t love smokey tempeh!?!?

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan garnie

Vegan Choucroute Garnie

We first tried this traditional recipe from a French vegan cookbook and it’s delicious. It originated from the Alsace region near the German border and is a fusion from both cultures.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan ratatouille

Vegan Ratatouille Recipe

Ratatouille is one of the very few classic French recipes that doesn’t need to much veganising. This recipe shows this dish at its finest.

Vegan Sauces & Dips

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan hollandaise

Vegan Hollandaise Sauce

This Hollandaise sauce is perfect to pour over your French veg recipes. Add a little to the potato salad and you’re on to a winner!

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan dijon sauce

Vegan Dijon Mustard Sauce with Herbs

Another French vegan food which can be found all over the world and is naturally plant-based too. This recipe is delicious to add to salads and dressings.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan lentil dip

Vegan Lentil and Walnut Dip

This dip is perfect smothered over some fresh French baguette and with some salad vegetables.

Vegan French Desserts

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan pots de creme

Mint Chocolate Vegan Pots de Creme

Like a chocolate cloud in your mouth, this vegan French recipe is creamy, damn tasty and guilt free!

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan meringue

Aquafaba Meringue Nests with Coconut Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries

Vegan meringue is probably the quickest way to our heart and this scrummy recipe, topped with an array of fruits and chocolate, is hard to beat!

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan clafoutis

Vegan Cherry Clafoutis

A veganised version of the traditional French dessert that contains no eggs or butter but has the same melt in your mouth consistency.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan croissants

Vegan French Croissants 

The most popular of all French pastries and a speciality you’ll find all over the world. This vegan croissant recipe means you can make the most of your continental breakfasts with a clear conscience.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan crepes

Vegan French Crepes

French crepes are something we’ve probably all enjoyed, both savoury and sweet, and this vegan crepe recipe is perfect to avoid any animal-products.

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan eclairs

Gluten-Free Mini-Eclairs 

On the more intricate side of recipe-creating but worth the fuss for these delicious vegan eclairs. Damn they’re moreish!

French Recipe Round Up
Vegan tart

Vegan Apple Tart

Inspired by French market pastries from her childhood, Sophie created this beautiful vegan apple tart recipe.

What was your favourite recipe? Or are there others we should add to the list?

Tell us in the comments below! Want to find out about our latest articles? Sign up for our mailing list here!

French Recipe Round Up
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The Best Traditional French Vegan Recipes

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  1. Croissants were something that I just presumed were off limits once I became vegan and didn’t have them for years. Now in France we’ve managed to find vegan ones and boy oh boy are they good ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Well these dishes aren’t traditionally vegan, except for the ratatouille. These classic dishes have all been tweaked to make them vegan friendly! Have you got a favourite from the list?

  3. Amazing, I haven’t read the traditional french vegan recipe before even I got to learn new thing today, special thanks for sharing such an amazing recipe

  4. Iโ€™m not that much of an internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! Iโ€™ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road

  5. Hey Harika, thanks and welcome! Glad you like the site and the recipes ๐Ÿ™‚ looking forward to you sticking around

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