Top Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather

Top Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather There’s nothing more frustrating than being all excited to head out onto the trail but then having the weather let you down. Normally it’s storms, rain and snow etc. but people often overlook the power of the sun, heading out without the right preparations even when it’s … Read More

Vegan in Vietnam – an Ethical Eater’s Guide

Vegan in Vietnam A detailed vegan guide helping ethical eaters enjoy every mouthful in this awesome country! There’s not much that can prepare you for how exciting Vietnam is to travel, with new sights, experiences, encounters and aromas around every single corner. For vegan travellers you’ll find an unbelievable variety of delicious vegan dishes, … Read More

Cycling the Via Rhôna: A Guide to Eurovelo 17

Cycling the Via Rhôna: Our Guide to Cycling Eurovelo 17 from the Mediterranean to Switzerland Some cycle routes just get you from A to B and others blow you away – cycling the Via Rhôna will definitely blow you away. The newly constructed route takes you all the way from the warmth of the … Read More

Reasons Why Travelling as a Vegan is SO Damn Amazing

Here’s just some of the reasons why travelling as a vegan is SO damn good Whether you’ve got a weekend city break or an expedition to far away shores travelling as a vegan is definitely the way forward. Vegan travel opens up a world of possibilities plus it’s beneficial for you, the planet and … Read More

21 Completely Free Things to Do in Lyon, France

  Here’s Our List of the Best Completely Free Things to Do in Lyon, France There are very few cities which have really captured our hearts like Lyon. We spent three weeks house sitting there and would go back for more in an instant. For the atmosphere, the diversity, the pace of life, the … Read More

Are These the Ultimate Outdoors Vegan Shoes?

Vegan adventurer? These vegan shoes are ready for anything you throw at them! There’s definitely a gap in the market when it comes to outdoors vegan shoes. Despite there being millions of adventure-loving vegans and famous outdoors athletes like Alex Honnold and Robbie Balenger promoting veganism, outdoors companies still don’t seem to have cottoned … Read More

Can You Find Vegan Food in Singapore?

  Can you find vegan food in Singapore? Find out in this collaborative article from Mark Pierre  Singapore is a tiny island often known for its business, cultural diversity and tourism. When we talk of culture, food is an important part of it. If you have been to this state you may have noticed … Read More

The Honest Truth About Travelling as a Vegan in France

  Travelling to France as a vegan and want to know what it’s really like? Here’s the honest opinion of two plant-based vagabonds currently cycling across France.  It’s not easy I won’t beat around the bush, travelling in France as a vegan isn’t easy, in fact it’s quite difficult. Coming from England where veganism … Read More

Our Photo Journal From Vézelay, France

  Our Photo Journal From Vézelay, France Not many tourists have heard of Vézelay, actually, not many French people have either. If you’ve been following our England to India cycling expedition you’ll know that we’ve spent most of our time with local families, as well as locals we’ve met walking along the street and … Read More

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