Singapore Gardens by the Bay at Night
Singapore Gardens by the Bay at Night


Can you find vegan food in Singapore? Find out in this collaborative article from Mark Pierre 

Singapore is a tiny island often known for its business, cultural diversity and tourism. When we talk of culture, food is an important part of it. If you have been to this state you may have noticed that the food from the streets, markets and even restaurants represents a certain food culture, and now veganism is a huge part of it!

Today, Singapore is quickly moving in the direction of a vegan diet. According to PETA Asia: Singapore is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Asia, where you can enjoy a vast variety delicious vegan food. Vegan dishes are considered to be some of the healthiest when prepared appropriately and are proving very popular in a country where health is a high priority. 

By the end of last year it became quite evident that many people are moving towards plant-based food and ditching animal products. This year started well, and so far the demand for vegan food in Singapore is continuing to grow. Because of this delicious new vegan options are constantly springing up. 


Veganism in Singapore 

There is a whole variety of vegan food in Singapore which is now available, to all types of eaters. You can find many traditional foods and drinks which replace the meat and dairy products with soy, tofu and meat alternatives. This move to plant-based products means you can visit the country and not miss out on the classic dishes!

But it’s not just traditional dishes that are available. Health is very important to many locals so vegan whole food and raw diet styles have become very popular and offer local styles of food along with international fusions. You can find many eateries which specialise in healthy whole foods, grains, raw dishes and exotic fruit salads. 

On the other end of the spectrum we’ve seen vegan junk food also on the rise. Singapore is a developed country where people are busy working during the day. Even the nights are busy, and people may not have time to cook. Therefore, many rely on fast food, but they want it to be vegan which means cheesy pizzas and burgers are on the menu!


Cendol in Singapore vegan
A traditional cendol, delicious and completely vegan!


tofo noodles with vegetables in singapore
Some healthier styles of vegan noodle dishes you can find

Cultural diversity and international vegan influences

Singapore is a country with a thriving international community, accepting different cultures from around the world. Accommodating people with different views on cultural and dietary traditions over the years has influenced the local cuisine and vegan food available. Now you can find Indian vegan buffets, classic Chinese dishes and even plant-based junk food, burgers and pizzas inspired by the many Western expats that settle in the country. 

Much of this cultural diversity has been lured by the historical ties, welcoming local people, international policies and expert visa services that make moving to Singapore an easy and popular choice. Chinese and Malay cultures are known to have a love for healthy eating and have been a crucial part of making Singapore move in a vegan direction and give it a unique culinary spin. It’s also the Indian community, with many pure-veg influences, which is helping residents move towards a new vegan lifestyle.

Thanks to multiculturalism hundreds of new vegan foods and menus have been introduced that are not only healthy but delicious. Incredibly, you can eat a different meal for several weeks without repeating what you started with, from a variety of different cuisines. This development is causing a vegan lifestyle to trend today and become very popular with people who may not have considered it a few years ago.

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Indian temple in Singapore
The Hindu community has a big influence of vegan traditions in Singapore


Singapore Food Festival

Every year in the month of July, Singapore holds an international food festival which has become famous amongst foodies and the travelling community. The festival celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 but for the last few years, it has made a big move towards local vegan dishes and international flavours. In 2019 this is expected to continue growing as the demand for vegan food in Singapore continues to grow. Although there are many other traditional dishes, you will notice the vegan corner getting bigger and better each year, with many of the crowds and queues rivalling the other meaty operators.


The vegan market base is growing!

Sellers of both processed and raw plant food are now plentiful since the market base is growing so quickly. What people need to know is you can now find vegan food at markets, local grocery shops, supermarkets and even online with free delivery.

Vegan food delivery services are also growing and now you can have tasty dishes delivered to you quickly, even whilst you’re at work. This is an interesting side to the market with plenty of new companies and services opening each day. 


The Need for a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that animal products are the source of numerous illnesses and health problems? Or did you know that plant-based foods have medicinal properties? Singaporeans have already realised this, and additional people are changing camps. This year, even more are likely to join those who have changed their way of eating. A healthy lifestyle is highly influenced by the diet people eat. Whether you are into fitness or not, you can receive all the nutrients from plant-based foods. People in Singapore have fully accepted this.

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Can You Find Vegan Food in Singapore?

So I think you can now answer, yes, you can find an amazing selection of vegan food in Singapore, and it’s going to keep growing! This vegan nation is filled with traditional dishes, healthy styles of cooking and even junk food alternatives so there is more than enough to keep you full. Vegan travellers can now add Singapore to their bucket list, to visit this beautiful country and discover a whole world of plant-based options. 


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