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Our Journey

A Plant-Powered Cycling Expedition from England to India!​

In March 2019 we set off on an epic expedition, right from our front door in England all the way to… some part of India (we’ve not figured that bit out yet) and then on to the rest of the world. 

Although this journey was created in wild pursuit of a final destination, it is so, so much more than just getting from A to B. We’re taking it day-by-day and letting our passions lead the way.

Like many of the best adventures our route is by no means direct, logical or even well thought out. It’s daring, flexible and pretty damn wiggly – just how we like it!

Here you’ll find tales that document our journey, experiences and (mis)adventures.

Why are you cycling from England to India?

1) As proud tree-huggers we want to promote sustainable overland travel. Flying is horrific for our natural world so we aim to open peoples’ eyes the realm of overland alternatives.

2) No more of this “vegans are weaker” nonsense. We’re out to prove every mountain can be climbed, country explored and cuisine conquered with a happy, healthy vegan lifestyle.

3) To tackle stereotypes about some less-travelled parts of the world. If you mention the Middle East or some Asian countries eyebrows are immediately raised and judgements made – time for that to change.

(and we really want to go to India!!)

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