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25 Perfect Gifts for Travellers

Here are 25 perfect gifts every traveller will love! Whether it’s a birthday, a leaving present or even Christmas, sometimes it can be hard to know what present a traveller will really love. Get it right and it will be kept close no matter where they are in the world; get it wrong and … Read More

Vegan Adventures, Outdoor Action and Excessive Birthday Antics – A Trip to Bristol and Somerset

With our Three Peaks Challenge on the horizon and Sarah’s birthday at the end of August I planned us a surprise trip to Bristol and Somerset. This meant either Sarah would be seriously impressed I’d planned everything on my own OR everything would be my fault if it went tits up. Fortunately, besides one … Read More

Off the Beaten Bali

There’s a reason why thousands of people flock to Bali every year, but is it still possible to get away from the crowds? Can you still explore Bali away from the tourist trail? Well, we can tell you the answer is yes. After 6 weeks of travelling during high season we still discovered the … Read More

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