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Vegan in Malaysia – an Ethical Eater’s Guide

For travellers multiculturalism really is the spice of life, particularly when food is involved. Nowhere is this more evident than in Malaysia. The cuisine is blessed by having a whole host of influences from culinary big shots like the Malay people and communities of Indian and Chinese settlers. Not only does each group have … Read More

The Best Ever Vegan Malaysian Laksa Recipe

  One of our favourite dishes in the world, the vegan Malysian Laksa!   Before I met J he had travelled to Malaysia and by the sounds of things had feasted on vegan laksa all day long. He would often proclaim its tastiness and longed for us to visit Malaysia together and show me … Read More

Vegan in Sri Lanka – An Ethical Eater’s Guide

This is our ethical eater’s guide to being vegan in Sri Lanka! *Updated for 2019* Although there are incredible countries to travel all over the world many of these places still see veganism as some kind of tropical disease. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, is not only an unforgettable country to travel it’s … Read More

The Best Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake Ever

Sometimes I think people expect vegan food to just taste like spinach or something. When I asked friends and family if they wanted to try the best ever vegan Victoria sponge cake a big response was ‘oh wow, that’s really good, it doesn’t taste vegan at all’. I mean what does vegan even taste … Read More

The Best Vegan Street Food in the World Pt. 1

Here at the Veggie Vagabonds HQ we believe one of the best ways to experience a country is to sample its street food. Whenever and wherever we travel we love to explore with our taste buds, finding never before tasted delights that can sometimes prove a bit odd but none the less exciting! That’s … Read More

Vegan Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Cake

This cake is the ultimate in indulgence. A dense, rich chocolate sponge with undertones of banana and peanut butter that make it so delicious you’ll wonder how you lived your life without it. It gets better… The lavish chocolate icing is complimented perfectly with the addition of more peanut butter and with every mouthful … Read More

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