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Vegan Protein Sources for Adventure Seekers

Your complete guide to the best vegan protein sources to keep you feeling strong in the great outdoors! “But, where do vegans get protein from!?!?” Oh, if we had a £ for every time we heard that… actually, there are heaps of AWESOME plant-based protein options, many which are nutritionally better, healthier and cheaper … Read More

The Best Vegan Hiking Food for Adventure-Driven Herbivores

Whether it’s an afternoon excursion or a week-long expedition, finding the right vegan hiking food is essential. It’s the difference between an experience of a lifetime or ending up completely energyless and massively bloated somewhere the wilderness. We’ve experienced both and know which one we prefer! Some foods are better suited to the great … Read More

Curried Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

  Full of flavour and nutrients this roasted chickpeas recipe is just the dish to conjure up in a hurry. Whether it’s to accompany a meal or for a protein rich snack, this dish is really easy to make and goes with just about anything. We bloody love chickpeas and find ourselves devouring them in … Read More

A Whole Bunch of Vegan Travel Tips for Travelling the Globe

Want to travel the world with a happy, healthy vegan lifestyle? These vegan travel tips will help you make the most of every country and it’s cuisine without compromising on your morals! Panicking about where your next meal is gonna come from is probably one of the worst experiences in the world. Especially when … Read More

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