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The vegan population has grown by 600% in the last five years, sustainability is one of the most prevalent issues of our time and since 2015 the number of people embracing the outdoors has tripled. 

There’s a very natural bond between these groups and we’re damn passionate about using ethical adventures to bring them together. Our view is that a life filled with ethical adventures will only mean awesome things, and, we’ve grown a highly engaged community who feel the same. 

Pioneers in the field, with expert knowledge and a trusted reputation; most importantly, a constantly growing readership who believe in what we’re doing and value our opinion.   

Why us? We’re a high-energy, adventure-hungry couple with a unique selection of digital and outdoor skills, a fresh perspective and a drive to create something positive. Together we could do great things!

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Here are just some of the things we can offer. For our media kit or to fire across some ideas, send us an email and let's get creating!

  • Sponsored Posts – have an incredible destination, product, tour, idea… let us share it with our readers, circulate it to our communities and promote it with the world. 
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  • Sponsor Us – We’re constantly doing crazy things (right now we’re cycling from England to India!) – sponsor us and get in on the action!
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  • Social Media Promotion – use Veggie Vagabonds and the ethical adventure community to actively promote your business through social media
  • Looking for fantastic freelance writers or content creators? for your company/publication/website – we’re your people!

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Budding Writer?

Have an incredible adventure you want to share, a unique perspective or some expert knowledge our readers would love?

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