The Ethical Adventure Expedition Base Camp

Expedition progress, challenge updates and tales from the road, plus, details from our biking, hiking, swimming and climbing adventures so you can experience them yourself!

The Ethical Adventure Expedition 2020 1

“For us to refer to nature as a separate entity… shows how far we’ve removed ourselves from it”
Dervla Murphy, Full Tilt

Boy did this quote leave an impression on us, setting the foundations for our Ethical Adventure Expedition.

This is a completely sustainable adventure, using only human-powered movements to explore every landscape from every perspective. A journey to connect with our surroundings and completely embrace the wonders provided to us by the natural world.

What: cycling 6,500+ miles from England to India and biking, hiking, swimming and climbing in every country along the way.

When: with 1,000 miles down, the next leg continues in April 2020.

How: life in our panniers, two plant-powered pedallers cycling from adventure to adventure, country to country.

Where: 12+ countries through Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Who: us two (Josh and Sarah) accompanied by our noble steads, Betty and Roger.

Why: find out why and more expedition details here!

**Due to the Coronavirus our expedition has been temporarily postponed. We're ready and waiting for international borders to reopen!**