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Vietnamese Summer Rolls Recipe

Vegan Vietnamese Summer Rolls Recipe

This summer roll recipe is something we picked up whilst living in Hanoi, Vietnam. These rolls are fresh, full of flavor and have a little kick to tantalise your taste buds.

Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry Recipe

Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry Recipe

This recipe is inspired by the creamy, aromatic curries we had the pleasure of tasting on our travels. This recipe is rich and based on authentic recipes from Sri Lanka.

Vegan Portuguese Honey, Almond and Orange Cake

Vegan Portuguese Honey, Almond and Orange Cake

Zesty and delicious this Portuguese vegan honey, almond and orange cake has been a much loved classic for generations. I've veganised the recipe plus it's refined sugar free.

World of Vegan

Your Guide to the Best Vegan Food with Vitamin B12

As a vegan do you find people suddenly become concerned about your B12 intake? Vitamin B12 is one of the eight essential vitamins your body needs to stay in tip top shape. But why exactly is it so important you ask? And where can you get it as a vegan? All is revealed in this article!

A Whole Bunch of Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Aren’t

A Whole Bunch of Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Aren’t

With the food industry always trying to reduce costs it’s becoming increasingly shocking the variety of animal products finding their way in to foods we thought were cruelty free. To make things easy for you, here are a whole bunch of things you thought were vegan but are not.

Why You Should Be Vegan Already!

Switch to a vegan diet and become enlightened… OK, maybe not straight away but it’s a start! Going vegan will have nothing but an incredibly positive impact in your life, the world and all that we share it with. Take a read of this post and realise that there’s no decision to be made, you should be vegan already!


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