Want to go vegan?

Going vegan is probably the easiest and most powerful step you can take to a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Besides that, it can do wonders for your health and is bloody tasty! But, it doesn’t have to be all cupcakes and tea parties…

Nowadays you can climb every mountain, explore every country and sample every cuisine with a vegan lifestyle. It’s never been easier and at Veggie Vagabonds we’ll give you the tools to do just that.

Here you’ll find

  • Guides for vegan adventurers + ethical gear
  • Vegan tips and healthy resources
  • Vegan adventure foods and recipes

We’re pretty damn good at this vegan malarky…

With J never having eaten a piece of meat and travelling to 35+ countries and both of us embarking on countless vegan adventures over the last five years, you’re in good hands. 

For the last half-decade, we’ve been trying and testing vegan gear so we know what to look for, when to cut costs and when to spend more on a product that will last. We’ve also experienced the best vegan luxuries and the worst vegan horrors, it’s taught us how to make the most of every situation. 

Our philosophy is that there’s never a bad time for some tasty food. Whether it’s on a camping stove next to an alpine lake or a roadside cycle touring picnic, at Veggie Vagabonds you’ll learn how to keep a smile on your face and a belly full of yummy food.
We’re on a mission to help the world go meat free, you can find out more about our mission here if you like.
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Vegan Outdoors Gear

Planning a camping trip? A multi-day hike? An adventure race? Or maybe you’re going to be climbing Everest? Well, now you can do that all fuelled by a vegan diet and using ethical gear.

No matter your sport, now you can find 100% cruelty-free equipment that rivals its competitors. Our priority is carefully finding and reviewing 100% ethical products which are of the highest quality and the best price. Let’s save some money!

Outdoors vegan shoes

The Ultimate Outdoors Shoe

Boy are these shoes box tickers. You can run, hike, cycle and even go to the gym in them, they're completely vegan and they're a damn good price!

long-term camping in frosty weather

Our Essential Camping Packing List

Absolutely everything you could need for a camping trip. Here we've got all the necessities to enjoy your time in the outdoors but no unnecessary extras to weigh you down.

Girl camping drinking coffee

Vegan Sleeping Bag Buyer's Guide

It's now easier than ever to find a top-quality sleeping bag, for every adventure, that's completely cruelty-free. Take a look at our buyer's guide and some of the best options.

Vegan resources

Vegan or not, you’ve got to be eating the right stuff to feel strong enough to take on the world. For us herbivores though, it’s extra important to fuel an adventure-filled lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of vegan motivation, not sure how to keep a balanced diet or where to get key nutrients, this is where we spill the beans.

Man rock climbing

Vegan Protein Sources for Adventure Seekers

'But, where do you get your protein from?'... none of that nonsense anymore, this is where!

Your Guide to the Best Vegan Foods with B12

The Best B12 Sources for Vegans

B12 is an essential nutrient which can be a harder to find with a vegan lifestyle BUT There are actually plenty of vegan sources if you know where to look. This guide explains all.

9 Incredible Reasons to be Vegan

Not sure if veganism is for you, or you need some extra words of encouragement? Here are 9 awesome reasons to be vegan!

Vegan food and recipes

If you’re new to veganism it can be hard to know where to start and if you’re already a pro some extra inspiration is always useful.

At Veggie Vagabonds you’ll find simple but nutritious recipes that are perfect if you’re in the wilderness or on the move.

Close up of Vegan Energy Balls

Vegan Energy Balls for Outdoor Adventures

Looking for some on-the-go energy? These vegan energy balls are easy to make, taste delicious and pack an energy punch.

Vegan Hiking Food for Adventure-Driven Herbivores

Don't know what food to take on your next hiking trip? These are our top vegan foods and snacks, perfect for the trail and your other adventure activities.

Curried Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

On-the-go Curry Roasted Chickpea Recipe

These little bad boys are the perfect thing to quickly whip up if you're planning a weekend away or spending time in the wildnerness. Packed with protein and easy to keep.

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