Keep Your Adventures Green!

At Veggie Vagabonds we’re all about making the most of life, having a positive impact and embracing the natural world. 

As it’s the natural world we’ve got to thank for the places we swim, cycle, climb and hike, the air we breathe, the water we drink… makes sense to protect it, right?

This all starts with appreciating your surroundings and making ethical decisions, no matter where you are. These decisions can actually add to the adventure and we want to show you how. If we work together, small changes can make a really big difference, and help protect these fantastic environments we all love to explore. 

On our Go Green section just some of the things you’ll find are…

  • Sustainable tips, green gear and waste reduction for your adventures
  • Flying alternatives and overland options 
  • Ethical issues, ideas and inspiration

We’re dead keen to help the world go green, it’s become our mission! You can find out more about our mission here if you like.

Take a read through the articles below to find out more!

Ditch the flights, choose the overland option!

One of the single biggest steps you can take towards a more sustainable lifestyle is to stop flying. Or, at the very least cutting down and making the flights you do take as green as possible. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop exploring though. It’s more than possible to explore the whole world and not jump on a flight, so we set out to prove it.

In 2017 we committed to stop flying and are now embarking on a round-the-world bike trip. You can read more about this epic cycling adventure here, or check out some of our other overlanding articles below.

UK couple who stop flying and cycled around the world

Why We Decided to Stop Flying and Why YOU should think about it too

Did you know one long haul flight uses more carbon than the recommended amount for a year? This is why we committed to stop flying in 2017 and why YOU should think about it too!

How YOU Can make flying more sustainable

How YOU Can Make Flying more Sustainable

We understand that to completely stop flying might not be as easy for some people. If this is the case, make sure you fly as sustainably as possible with these easy tips.

Girl looking across the English Channel

England to Europe Without Flying: Eurostar Vs. Eurotunnel Vs. Ferry

Did you know it's extremely easy, and often cheaper, to get from the UK to Europe without flying? Then you've got half the world to explore without even touching a plane!

Some extra things to think about

The Plastic Problem

The Big Plastic Problem

Right now we're going through a plastic epidemic and it's having a horrific impact on our environment. Check out the problem here and the solution in part two.

Olive Ridley sea turtle conservation

Protecting a Phenomenon - Olive Ridleys in Cost Rica

Did you know there's a phenomenon in Costa Rica where over 10 million turtle eggs are laid on ONE beach in the space of only a few days? But, does it need our help protecting it?

Girl on boat looking out to sea

The Most Beautiful Island in the World

A few years ago we were lucky enough to find the most beautiful island in the world. It literally blew our minds. But, we won't tell you where it is, here's why...