At Veggie Vagabonds we got a mission…

We want to help the world discover the outdoors, get more in tune with nature and make ethical adventures a bigger priority in life. I really is the perfect recipe for seriously awesome things.

What is an ethical adventure? In our eyes, it’s an outdoor experience done with a sustainable vegan lifestyle. Simple as that. 

After years of immersing ourselves in mindblowing natural areas, it completely changed our outlook on life and helped us realise how lucky we all are.

Unfortunately, these natural areas are now in a critical state – we all need to start putting their protection as a priority.

We think it can all start with one incredibly simple step: going outside.

Step outside, embrace the outdoors and cherish your surroundings. It’s our mission to help you take that step.

Here’s the action plan…

#1 Go Outside

The simplest (and most exciting) way to develop some big ol’ nature-loving is by spending time in it. Go outside, pick up a new hobby and absorb yourself in nature; you’ll develop unquestionable respect and love for the world we live in. That aside, outdoor adventures are proven to increase your happiness, strengthen your immune system and even boost your productivity, to name just a few things. 

It doesn’t have to be a summit of an alpine peak or a solo crossing of the Sahara -though they both sound awesome – just starting with an outdoors hour each week can make a world of difference. 

Around all of us are outdoor activities and natural experiences that are easily accessible, require little gear and don’t need assistance from anyone else. This is the perfect place to start.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-timer wanting a nature fix, you’ll find all the planning tips, gear, advice and inspiration you’ll need to get into the wilderness.

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#2 Make Your Adventures Vegan!

Without a doubt going vegan is one of the most powerful steps you can take towards a greener, more ethical lifestyle. It’s also never been easier, even for the adventurers and adrenaline junkies amongst us.

We’ll help you make your adventures vegan, no matter how high the mountain, or how rough the road. You’ll find ethical outdoors gear, vegan adventure foods and health resources so you explore with confidence whilst staying cruelty free.

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#3 Keep Your Adventures Green

In natural areas, it’s especially crucial to choose sustainable options; small steps made together can have a huge impact and protect these awesome places we explore.

It doesn’t have to be hard work and it won’t restrict your freedoms; making responsible choices can actually make life more of an adventure. Whether you’re along a hiking trail, swimming in a lake, or enjoying a national park, we can find the ethical option together.  

Here you’ll find sustainable options in the outdoors, ethical adventure gear, flying alternatives and waste-saving tactics whilst you’re exploring!

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Find an outdoor adventure, make it vegan and keep it green.

Three simple and enjoyable ways to get back in tune with nature. 


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