At Veggie Vagabonds we got a mission…

We want to help the world embrace their surroundings and live more in tune with nature, making every day an ethical adventure. We think it’s the perfect recipe for a happy life and a happy world. 

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to immerse ourselves in the outdoors and explore some of the most fantastic natural places around the world. It’s completely changed our outlook on life and how we see this planet we live on. It’s been so inspirational for us we want to help you have the same experience.

Right now is a critical point in history.

It’s now more apparent than ever we need to be moving towards greener lifestyles and helping to protect this planet. Life should be an adventure but let’s make sure it’s an ethical adventure with a few easy steps: going outside, going vegan and going green

Our environment is unique and irreplaceable but sadly it’s in a terrible state, nearly beyond the point of return. What’s happening around the world right now clearly ain’t working, so let’s be part of the solution!  

Here’s what we can do…

#1 Go Outside

The simplest (and most exciting) way to appreciate your environment is by spending time in it. Go outside, pick up a new hobby and absorb yourself in nature, you’ll develop unquestionable respect and love for your surroundings. That aside, being outdoors is also proven to increase happiness, your immune system and even your productivity, to name just a few things. 

It doesn’t have to be a summit of an alpine peak or a solo crossing of the Sahara (though they both sound awesome!), just starting with an outdoors hour each week can make a world of difference. 

At Veggie Vagabonds our aim is to showcase outdoor activities and natural experiences that are easily accessible, require as little gear as possible and don’t require assistance from anyone else. You’ll also find adventure planning tips and all the gear and advice you’ll need to get into the wilderness.

From cycling and camping to hiking and climbing, whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-timer wanting a nature fix, we want to help get the world outside.

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#2 Go Vegan 

Without a doubt going vegan is one of the most powerful steps you can take towards a greener, more ethical lifestyle. It’s also never been easier, even for the adventurers and adrenaline junkies amongst you!

Besides the needless cruelty to animals, the meat industry is catastrophic for our environment and is destroying the habitats we need the most.

Our aim is to help you lead a happy, healthy vegan lifestyle no matter where your adventures take you. You’ll find ethical outdoors gear, vegan adventure foods and health resources, making a plant-based lifestyle possible no matter where you are. 

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#3 Go Green

Seeing how our natural world is being damaged can be pretty horrifying but we have the power to change all of that. If we work together and make sustainable decisions collectively we can help protect this wonderful world we love and need.  

It doesn’t have to be hard work and it won’t restrict your freedoms, making responsible choices can actually make life more of an adventure. Whether you’re on holiday, along a hiking trail or swimming in a lake, let’s find the ethical option together.  

We want to help you take the green route at times when it’s easiest to forget. Sustainable options in the outdoors, responsible travel tips, flying alternatives and waste-saving tactics whilst you’re wandering – you’ll find it all here!

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Go outside, go vegan, go green.

Three simple and enjoyable ways to get back in tune with nature. 

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