josh and sarah from Veggie Vagabonds

At Veggie Vagabonds we got a mission…

To help more people discover the outdoors, get in tune with nature and make ethical adventures a bigger priority in life. 

What is an ethical adventure? We’re talking human-powered, carbon-free, low-impact. Think hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, paddling, camping etc, whilst being conscious of the gear you use, the food you nom and the actions you make.

Why is this so important?

Besides our natural world being mind-blowingly diverse and the whole we need it to survive thing, it also allows for outdoor pursuits and puts heaps of adventure potential right outside your front door. Pretty cool, right?

With all this in mind, it’s damn devastating to see the impact us humans are having – we’re quite literally squeezing nature beyond the point of return. We gotta start putting nature as a priority and that can start with one simple step: going outside.

It might sound all too easy but when you step outside and embrace the outdoors you learn to value your surroundings. That’s when it starts to become a priority. It’s our mission to help make this happen. 

Here’s the action plan…

#1 Get Outside

The ruddy best way to develop some nature-loving is by spending time in it. Get outside, pick up a new hobby and absorb yourself in nature. It’ll put a smile on your face, strengthen your immune system and even boost your productivity. An all-around winner!

It doesn’t have to be a summit of an alpine peak or a solo crossing of the Sahara (though they both sound sweet!) but just starting with an hour outdoors each week can make a world of difference. 

Within a hop, skip and a jump from your front door we’ll bet you’ll find outdoor experiences that are cheap (if not free), easily accessible and require little gear or assistance from anyone else. This is the perfect place to start.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a first-timer wanting a nature fix, we’ll provide the planning tips, gear, advice and inspiration to get into the wilderness.

Find out more on our Outdoor Adventures page

#2 Make Your Adventures Vegan!

Without a doubt going vegan is one of the simplest and most powerful steps you can take towards a greener, more ethical lifestyle. It’s also a lot nicer for our animal friends. And, there’s never been a better time to ditch the meat, even for the adventurers and adrenaline junkies amongst us.

You can make your adventures vegan no matter how high the mountain or how rough the road. And, you’ll still stay fit and strong, ready for any challenge. No more of this ‘vegans are weaker’ mumbo jumbo!

On the link below you’ll find ethical outdoor gear, vegan adventure foods and health resources so you explore with confidence.

Vegan Adventure Foods & Vegan Outdoor Gear

#3 Keep Your Adventures Green

Right now it’s more important than ever to be choosing sustainable options. This is especially true if you’re exploring natural areas. Fortunately, even small steps made together can help protect these awesome places we wander.

It doesn’t have to be hard work and it won’t restrict your freedoms, making responsible choices when you step outside can actually make life more of an adventure. 

Check out our sustainable outdoor tips, ethical adventure gear, flying alternatives and waste-saving tactics for your time in the wild. Small steps, big impact. 

Click here for Green Adventures

Find an outdoor adventure, make it vegan and keep it green.

Three simple but powerful ways to get back in tune with nature.