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Welcome to Veggie Vagabonds!

We’re Josh and Sarah, loving parents of this here website. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for sustainable travel, ethical eating and green living. If you weren’t looking for any of these things then you should probably stick around here anyway – it’s pretty cool!

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Latest posts

Vegan Asian Slaw Recipe

Summer is here and with it comes BBQ season and any excuse to dine alfresco. One of my friends once asked me “what do vegans even eat at a BBQ?” I think she regretted asking when I responded eagerly listing every vegan BBQ delight we’ve ever munched. From grilled veggies and tofu, to homemade … Read More

Coconut and Date Energy Balls

You may have noticed we’ve be doing a lot of cycling, hiking and running recently. If you haven’t then where the hell have you been? We’ve been spending a lot of time training for our Three Peaks Challenge by Bike, plus with the added load of running the blog and working a full time … Read More

Off the Beaten Bali

There’s a reason why thousands of people flock to Bali every year, but is it still possible to get away from the crowds? Can you still explore Bali away from the tourist trail? Well, we can tell you the answer is yes. After 6 weeks of travelling during high season we still discovered the … Read More