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Man on a UK Multi-day hike
Beginner Outdoor Guides + Planning + Essentials

Actionable Backpacking Tips and Multi-Day Hiking Hacks

Sharing all the backpacking tips and multi-day hiking hacks you’ll need to crush your first trail (and LOVE it!) Truer words were never spoken than, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Did you know that there are six fundamental backpacking areas to cover that will have you ready to

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Girl walking into the woods
Experiences + thoughts + Scribbles

Is Adventure Something We Can All Embrace?

Adventure is probably the best thing in the world, but are we all able to embrace it? Over lockdown, I’ve become pretty damn hooked on outdoor podcasts. As it’s not been possible to go on big adventures of my own, listening to other people talk about their exploits has been

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Berry fruit leathers
Vegan Recipes & Adventure Food

Homemade Berry Fruit Leathers Recipe

For backpacking trips, these berry fruit leathers are the perfect healthy snack. They’re super lightweight and are made with 100% fruit so are a great way to get a little goodness on the trail.

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Climber sitting on a climbing pad

12 Bouldering Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Climbing

If only I’d known these bouldering tips from the start… Strength, flexibility, concentration, imagination, patience, adaptability… when it comes to bouldering, there’s a whole lot to think about. And, if there’s something I’ve learned climbing, it’s that even the smallest changes to your approach or technique can make the BIGGEST

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Vegan hiking socks pin
Outdoor Gear + Reviews

The Best Vegan Hiking Socks + Wool-Free Running / Cycling Socks

We’ve found some of the best vegan hiking socks PLUS cruelty-free options for running, climbing, cycling and skiing too I’ll be honest. Out of all the different bits of outdoor gear, finding vegan socks can be the hardest. Traditionally, most tougher and warmer outdoor socks have been made from wool.

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