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Protein works protein products
Review: Vegan Protein Bars for Outdoors Energy?

Finding the right plant-based snacks for the outdoors can be hard work but what about vegan protein bars? We took a look at the Protein Works Vegan Protein Crunkie to see if it fits the bill! For us, the perfect vegan hiking snack is cost-effective and finds a balance between good taste, good nutritional … Read More

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Veggie Vagabond’s New Groove, Our Journey, Week 27

All the exploration of the summer, what’s new around here and a peek at what’s to come It’s been a little while since we’ve updated Our Journey and with a few changes going on around here we thought now would be the perfect time. For those of you who missed the last instalment, we’ve … Read More

Ditch Flying and Embrace Local Adventures

Now, more than ever, is the time to discover the local adventures around you and ditch those carbon-chugging flights, we think it’ll be the best thing you do – here’s why… How many of you can say you’ve really explored your home country? If you have then great but I’ll bet many of you … Read More

Man and woman pushing touring bikes in the outdoors
How to Begin Your Own Accessible Adventures

All you need to know to plan and begin your own accessible adventure In case you’re new here (in which case welcome!), or you’re a little slow to cotton on, we’re pretty big fans of the outdoors. And, not only do we love to get out there we want to encourage you to do … Read More

Two vegan cycle tourer having a picnic
Vegan Adventures

Make Your Adventure a Vegan Adventure! Whether you want to climb a mountain, swim an ocean or cycle a continent, now you can do it all with a happy, healthy vegan lifestyle AND As going vegan is one of the easiest and most powerful steps you can take to help protect the natural world, … Read More

Man adventuring outside in woods
Outdoor Adventures

Ready for some outdoor adventures? Let’s face it, whether it’s up a mountain, floating along a river or in the park, pretty much all the best things in life happen when you’re outside. Don’t believe us? Take a read through our Outdoor Adventures section, plan a few trips and then we’re sure you will! … Read More

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