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Girl hiking through a river bed
Experiences + thoughts + Scribbles

18 Different Types of Hikers You’ll Meet on the Trail

Have you come across these different types of hikers on the trail? Hikers come in all shapes and sizes, with different hiking styles, personalities, ambitions and drives. Bump into some and it can be like meeting a soul mate, bump into others and they’ll help you reach record-breaking speeds just

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Hiking the 3000-meter peaks in Sierra Nevada - Linn Haglund
National Parks

9 Awesome Adventure Activities in Sierra Nevada National Park

The possibilities for outdoor pursuits in Sierra Nevada National Park are pretty incredible – check ’em out! Sierra Nevada National Park in southern Spain is an adventurer’s paradise, with a large number of Spain’s 3000-meter peaks including the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula, Mulhacen (3479m). Criss-crossed with hiking trails

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Man running along canal
Experiences + thoughts + Scribbles

30 for 30: Running 30 Miles, on January 30th, for my 30th Birthday

I never considered myself a runner. Actually, I still probably wouldn’t. But I’ve always run. I was a typical around-the-block runner, doing the occasional lofty 10k or a half marathon at a push, though mostly running to unwind. But since the Coronavirus and the growing number of lockdowns, my appreciation

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