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Green Adventures

Keep Your Adventures Green! At Veggie Vagabonds we’re all about making the most of life, having a positive impact and embracing the natural world. As it’s the natural world we’ve got to thank for the places we swim, cycle, climb and hike, the air we breathe, the water we drink… makes sense to protect … Read More

Girl camping drinking coffee
Vegan Sleeping Bags for Ethical Adventures + Buyer’s Guide

Check out these vegan sleeping bags for cruelty-free comfort on your outdoors trips! Spending the night camping in a beautiful setting with nothing but the sounds of nature is a beautiful experience, but, it really ain’t so fun with the wrong sleeping gear. Lasting the night in a sleeping bag which is too hot … Read More

Cirque du Fer a Cheval at night
Our Mission

At Veggie Vagabonds we got a mission… We want to help the world discover the outdoors and live more in tune with nature, making every day an ethical adventure. We think it’s the perfect recipe for a happy world and a happy life.  Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to explore some of … Read More

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Support Us

Veggie Vagabonds is a labour of love. What started as us scribbling some notes about our adventures and going on about sustainable this and vegan that has blossomed into something we could never have imagined. For us Veggie Vagabonds is now a full-time job and we completely commit to bringing you content you’ll enjoy, … Read More

Girl overlooking Alps Valley
The Natural Beauty of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval in 16 Photos

You’re not likely to find many places filled with as much natural beauty as Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, France – these are just a few photos to prove it! There are some natural places around the world that will just blow you away. Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and the surrounding mountains will most definitely do just that – prepare for … Read More

Girl with leaf over face
The Wonders of Spending Time in Nature

Want to know why getting outside is so great? These are all the benefits of spending more time in nature We’ve all heard at some point or another that getting outside is good for your mind, body and soul. This is all well and good but sometimes life gets in the way and it’s … Read More

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