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182 miles along the spine of the Pennines, 40,000 ft of altitude change and leaving in the middle of winter between two storms… this is our Pennine Bridleway video!

Off the back of our Ride for the Wild – a tarmac-ripping, sweat-inducing, 60-mile-a-day charity challenge – we were after something completely different.

We wanted to take our time, get off-road and go right through the heart of natural landscapes. Our answer was the Pennine Bridleway. This is the UK’s longest continuous off-road route, travelling from Derbyshire, into the Peak District, through to the Dales and finally to Cumbria.

It’s wiggly, indirect and remote, bumping along rough bridleways, singletrack, gravel and the odd road chucked in for good measure.

From a little research online, it was meant to be a corker, but tough. It also wasn’t very well cycled.

It all sounded perfect.

And so we made a big bike change, switched to an off-road set-up and set off to cycle the Pennine Bridleway. Oh, and we left in the middle of winter, between two big storms. We’re talking 50 mph winds and -6C temperatures.

We’d also not done much off-road touring before…

As you can imagine, it was one wild experience, filled with unforgettable highs and gruelling lows, unforgiving conditions and painstaking gear malfunctions, an overdose of natural beauty, mishaps, memories and learning curves. And those landscapes… WOW – they blew us away.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the most incredible outdoor experiences we’ve ever had!

Really glad to be able to share our experience with you in the video below 🙂

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Video is a whole new ball game for us, but we’re pretty wild for it. It feels like we can really show the essence of our adventures and natural experiences, come wind, rain or shine. Love it!

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