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The most beautiful but brutal experience of our lives… Ride for the Wild!

Back in September 2021, we set off on a bikepacking challenge, attempting to cycle 2,000 miles to all 15 UK national parks in 30 days.

(If you’ve been following our antics for a while, you might already know about the challenge, but bear with me…)

We had 30 days off work, and to make the 2,000-mile route possible meant cycling 60+ miles a day and camping our way through England, Scotland and Wales. It would be right at the limit of our physical ability, but a challenge was needed as we were raising money for a rewilding charity in the Scottish Highlands called Trees for Life.

With this in mind, we thought THE HARDER THE BETTER!

After a whole summer of training, planning and whittling down our bikepacking gear, we set off with no idea what to expect. We’d done heaps of trail runs and practice rides, but could we maintain 60 miles a day for 30 days?

The ride that followed really had such a profound impact on our lives.

It was filled with twists and turns, sensational highs and bitter lows, taking us through some of the most mind-blowing natural areas in the UK. We met people we’ll never forget, forged a newfound love for our home countries, learned a lot about ourselves and decided on the life we want to lead.

As with many good adventures, things didn’t go to plan, at points we crumbled, wondered why we’d even embarked on the crazy challenges… and, well, we’ll let you watch the video!

Couple cyclists on Ride for the Wild challenge
Very happy. Very sweaty.

Check our Ride for the Wild Q&A where we answer YOUR questional about all the nitty gritty bits from the challenge

We’re making videos!

Video editing is pretty new to us, and this first video has been a passion project we’ve been working on in the background for months. We wanted the video to do the landscapes justice and all the shenanigans that took place.

Something about the lovely blend of outdoor action, creativity and music… it seems we’re hooked on this video thing!

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Big love from VV HQ!

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