Veggie Vagabonds is a labour of love.

What started as us scribbling some notes about our adventures and going on about sustainable this and vegan that has blossomed into something we could never have imagined.

For us Veggie Vagabonds is now a full-time job and we completely commit to bringing you content you’ll enjoy, find useful and will hopefully have a positive impact too.

If you value and appreciate what we’re doing then we’d like your support.

Firstly, and most importantly, you can say hello. We really would love to get to know you and together build a beautiful community. If you read one of our articles and enjoy it then drop us a comment and tell us why. If you didn’t enjoy the article or have some questions then we want to know that too. And, if there are things you’d like to see more of on Veggie Vagabonds then just let us know and we’ll get writing!

Secondly, tell a friend! If you have a friend who wants to start hiking, a vegan cousin or even a colleague who wants to fly less, introduce ’em to Veggie Vagabonds. Share an article or tell them when you see them, every addition to our community is another step towards our ethical adventure mission

Thirdly, Veggie Vagabonds requires an unbelievable amount of time and dedication, as we ain’t no trust fund babies this blog needs to generate money in order to stay running. We’re not suggesting you just send us da monies (however we wouldn’t say no…) but you can easily help when you’re planning your travels and adventures.

Support us Veggie Vagabonds

Our life may seem like this

Vegan blogger desk

But in reality it's much more like this

One of the main ways we make an income with Veggie Vagabonds and keep it useful for you guys is through affiliate links.

When we do or use something we think is great we recommend them to you, sometimes in the form of affiliate links. To those that don’t know, these are links to products or services (like or similar travel sites), if you click on these links and make a purchase we will receive a small percentage of the final cost.

This will never be of any extra cost to you.

And, we will only ever recommend things we have personally used, are useful to you and are worthy of suggesting.

As an example, if we’re not camping we’ve always been loyal users of Booking.comHostel World and Airbnb. Between these sites you generally have the biggest and best selection of accommodation around the world. When you’re planning your next trip, if you use the links found on Veggie Vagabonds (like the ones at the bottom) this will help to keep the blog running and growing. Sometimes it’s will be as little as 2% of the booking price but every little helps!

And it’s not just with accommodation.

We receive many emails asking about outdoor gear and clothing advice, so, when possible, we feature lists and links highlighting our recommendation. Once again, purchasing items through these links will be of no extra cost to you but all contribute to us being able to dedicate more time and money to Veggie Vagabonds.

Examples of some of the gear we recommend are:

Bike Touring Packing List

Camping Packing List

The Ultimate Outdoors Vegan Shoes (our personal faves!)

You can take a look at all of our gear + reviews here.

Our Pledge

All of this support from you lovely people will not only help us grow, we’ll also be putting the money to good use.

This is a bloody beautiful world we live in so we want to help to protect it. That’s why we pioneer a sustainable vegan lifestyle, decided to stop flying in 2017 and follow a whole bunch of other hippy habits: it’s also why we started Veggie Vagabonds. From day one this blog was created with the intention of having a positive impact so we want to put Veggie Vagabonds to the best use possible .

In our pledge to help keep this beautiful world beautiful 10% of the money you help us raise through affiliate sales will go to a carefully selected charity.

This donation will be made every 3 months and will change charity each time (we’ll be asking for your suggestions for different charities on social media!).

Our next donation (Novemeber 2019) will be going to: Education for Nature Vietnam

Education for Nature (ENV) is the first non-governmental organisation in Vietnam focused on the conservation of nature and the protection of wildlife. Vietnam is a fantastic country but it is plagued by environmental atrocities and illegal wildlife trade. During our time in the country we had the chance to talk with ENV and see first hand the great work they are doing.

If you know of any particularly deserving causes then please send us an email with your suggestions for our next donation.