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Travelling as a vegan is amazing for so many reasons

Here’s just some of the reasons why travelling as a vegan is SO damn good

Whether you’ve got a weekend city break or an expedition to far away shores travelling as a vegan is definitely the way forward. Vegan travel opens up a world of possibilities plus it’s beneficial for you, the planet and most obviously the animals. Want to find out more? Check out a whole bunch of reasons why travelling as a vegan is so damn amazing. 


  • You get to try a fresh, constantly evolving cuisine

With the levels of veganism soaring across the world it means that new dishes and products are constantly springing up. You might think you know a good selection of vegan noms but then you step foot in another country and get blown away by all the plant-based goodies! 

In every country you’ll find natural vegan foods but with the increase in demand many countries are putting a veggie spin on normally meaty traditional dishes. This means life for a vegan traveller abroad is constantly changing and improving. 

You’ll discover new fruits, veggies, pulses, and dishes plus ways of combining things that you never could have imagined. 

We’ve always been foodies, saying yes to trying new things, but when travelling we’re able to explore so much more than if we stayed in one place. Whilst in Sri Lanka we discovered new fruits we had never tried before, vegetables we’d never even heard of and curries that blew our minds. Not to mention the sambol which had us in awe – it’s now become one of our favourite foods! 

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Man eating curry breakfast in Sri Lanka
Sambol soon became one of our favourite things in the world


Whilst in Hanoi we discovered a whole host of vegan foods we never thought existed. Hanoi has a large vegan community who are big on their faux meat products and we found things such as imitation fish and chicken made to look like animals along with vegan meat fluff. What even is “meat fluff”, tell us if you know because we don’t have a clue!? 


  • It’s better for your bank balance 

It’s no secret that fruits, veggies, grains and pulses cost less than fish, dairy and meat. Of course there are some exceptions to this rule (olives and antipasti kill us…) but overall travelling as a vegan is far cheaper than travelling as a omnivore. Whether you’re eating out at restaurants or getting a haul in from the local market you’ll spend less as a vegan: fact.  

This is one of the reason we’re able to travel as cheaply as we do no matter the country. We’re currently in France and there’s no way we could afford travel here if we were eating all their local meaty dishes. 


Radishes at market
We’ve loved exploring all the different varieties of radishes in France

  • You can break down stereotypes and stigmas

How many times have you heard someone say “ahh, you can’t travel to X as a vegan, it’s impossible”. We’ve travelled 30+ countries and can safely say you can travel ANYWHERE as a vegan. Don’t let someone else’s opinion dictate whether you travel to a country or not. Instead make up your own mind by seeking your own path and discovering for yourself. 

Before travelling to Vietnam we were a little hesitant as we’d heard plenty of vegan horror stories. Hanoi especially was hailed as a haven for meaty cuisine and that is exactly where we were planning to move to. Determined to prove our point we went to find out for ourselves. 

Turns out it really didn’t live up to its meaty reputation, in fact Hanoi is one of the top vegan-friendly cities we’ve travelled to. There’s an abundance of vegan restaurants and places offering completely vegan options. Not only that, we learned that on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar many traditional residents eat completely vegan and with that came a whole industry of vegan food to explore. 

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Women frying tofu in Hanoi
We found Hanoi and Vietnam to have crazy amounts of vegan options we never knew existed


  • It’s good for your mind, body and soul 

A plant-based diet is proven to be better for your well-being, physically and mentally, and you’re half as likely to get cancer or heart disease compared to meat eaters. A vegan diet has also been proven to reverse type 2 diabetes so all together travelling as a vegan is a great step to keep you feeling fresh!


  • You’re less likely to get the shits 

Okay, we can’t guarantee you won’t get Delhi belly but fruit and vegetables carry much less bacteria than fish and meat. There are so many times travelling when you see big chunks of meat or fish that have been left in the sun all day, with a parade of flies on them. I don’t know about you but I’d much prefer some veggies left in the sun… Eat fresh food that hasn’t been washed in dirty water and you’re all set to go. 


Girl eating curry in Sri Lanka
Happy and healthy tucking into some delicious curry. In Sri Lanka it was “spit and sawdust” eateries that always served the best food.


  • Vegan travel benefits mama nature

Vegan travel puts a lot less strain on the beautiful places you’re visiting. Meat farming is a huge cause of deforestation and emits a whopping 51% of total global greenhouse gases, that’s a whole lot of pollution. When 1 pound of hamburger meat creates 75kg of C02 and requires 441 gallons of water it’s much better to choose the green option.  

Trying to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle?


Girl drinking bottle of wine in Lyon by river
Travelling as a vegan benefits mother nature, that’s definitely something to celebrate


Are you a vegan traveller? Have we missed anything about why it’s so great? Let us know in the comments below and tell us about your experiences!


  • Become immersed in a country’s cuisine

When you’re paying attention to the food you’re eating you get drawn into a country’s cuisine without even realising. To find out if food is vegan or not you’ll spend quite some time inquiring about ingredients – this is a great way to discover local recipes! Before you know it you’ll develop a wealth of knowledge and cooking techniques from the local dishes. 

Not only does this teach you about the local food, it also allows you to get creative and think of ways you could veganise specialities. We’re always on the lookout for traditional dishes to give a Veggie Vagabond twist!


Vegan Laksa
Unfortunately traditional Laksa uses fish sauce in the cooking process. Luckily for us we found a vegan restaurant serving a delicious fish-free alternative


  • You’ll learn a whole new vegan vocabulary

In order to explain your vegan requirements you’ll often pick up loads of local lingo without really having to make a conscious effort. This is great as you get to learn a new language and probably entertain some locals with your broken speech and charade movements. How do you communicate “no eggs or milk” with charades to the waiter…


Why it's so Damn Amazing Travelling as a Vegan Pin
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  • To do all this is a real achievement

Once you manage to learn phrases in a new language, familiarise yourself with the cuisine and communicate your vegan requirements in a friendly way you’ve done well and you should feel proud. This is a rewarding travel experience in itself. I won’t lie, in some places where veganism isn’t as widely known or acknowledged it can be difficult. If you manage to convey all this in a respectful way you deserve a pat on the back. And some tasty vegan cake. 

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Child eating ice cream in Lyon
Reward yourself with some vegan ice cream


  • You can spread vegan vibes all around the world

Ever helped someone move away from eating meat? This happens a lot when you’re travelling. So many people know it’s the right choice but just need some friendly guidance in the right direction (or a firm shove away from a burger). Travelling can quite often be the ideal time to help convert your friends so make the most of it. 

By simply travelling as a vegan you’re helping to promote it. Strike up a conversation and let yourself be a great advertisement for veganism. This means you’ll be showing the world that a compassionate and healthy lifestyle is attainable no matter where you are. 


Middle Eastern food
Eating at vegan eateries whilst travelling will give you the chance to connect with locals


  • Connect with like-minded people around the globe

Whether it’s connecting on forums online or with locals in eateries, you’ll find yourself making new friends who share your vegan ethos. Travelling as a vegan gives you the opportunity to meet people who share your way of thinking and helps to give you some tips about the best local eats and cuisine. 

Have you bonded with people over food when travelling? We definitely have! When you meet people who also share the same passion for food it means you’re almost certain to be friends. 


Friends having picnic in Lyon
Enjoying a vegan picnic with friends in the glorious sunshine


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