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A complete guide on where to find some of the best vegan foods in France

Whilst there are many benefits to travelling as a vegan there are also a few downsides. One being that it can be a real struggle to find vegan foods in a foreign land, especially one that’s notoriously meaty.

France is known for its famous cuisine all over the world alongside its reputation for being very cheese and meat heavy. Having spent 4 months here I can confirm this is the unfortunately true. There is however a whole bunch of vegan food France has to offer if you know where to look, and I’m not just talking about fruits and vegetables, chips and salad.

Whilst cycling across France we’ve been scouring supermarket aisles and bakery shelves in a bid to scope out some hidden vegan delights. In a land renowned for its cheeses and meats it’s been surprisingly easy to find vegan foods once you know what you’re looking for.

This list was put together to help you find vegan foods in everyday situations. Yes, in cities like Lyon or Paris you can find vegan restaurants but in smaller areas finding vegan eateries ain’t so easy. That’s why for vegan travellers in France we think it’s most helpful being able to find food in everyday places you can find all over the country. This list contains vegan foods from supermarkets, shops and bakeries to help you navigate this land as a plant-based consumer.

Once you’ve found the great vegan foods available you can combine them with the beautifully fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses. These wholefood vegan staples are sold everywhere and mean you can make your trip to France a culinary conquest!

In this list you will find just some of the vegan food France has to offer, including:

  • Vegan meat substitutes
  • Vegan Sauces 
  • Biscuits and bars 
  • Spreads and pate
  • Other supermarket finds
  • Bakery discoveries 

Please note that the research and items on this list were conducted purely off my own accord through label checking – none of the companies listed have confirmed the ingredients. If you are allergic to eggs or diary it’s probably safer to email the companies to double check. 

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  • Meaty substitutes

I won’t lie to you, the French haven’t quite mastered the faux meat like Linda has back in the UK but as far as veggie burgers go they’re darn tasty. Depending on where you go you’ll find a range of veggie burgers, nuggets and patties.

In most larger supermarkets you’ll find brands such as Cereal who alongside their faux meat range have a whole host of vegan options, from sachets of rice and veggies to tofu. The patties and faux meat products range in price from €2.50 – €4.99 and this can differ across supermarkets and locations.

Some of the major supermarkets are: E-leclerc, Intermarche, Carrefour and Casino and in their larger store you’ll be able to find Cereal products. When making a beeline for the veggie section just be sure to check the label as not all their products are vegan. Most are clearly labelled on the front but I recommend always checking the ingredients to be on the safe side. 

Vegan Faux Meat France
Soya chunks that are great in sauces and curries
Vegan Faux Meat France
Breaded escalopes great served with chips
Vegan Faux Meat France
Nuggets because everyone loves a dunk

Supermarkets such as E-leclerc have also jumped on the plant-based bandwagon with their own brand of meaty substitutes, Nat & Vie. They have a range of patties and nuggets alongside other vegan products such as milks and margarine. Their meaty alternatives range from €2.70 – €4.50 and availability can vary depending on store location. 

Vegan Food France Nuggets
Whose nuggets are better? try for yourself and see
Vegan Food France Burgers
In France you can’t call veggie burgers “burgers. Hence why they’re called “palets”, or “patties”.
  • Sauces

A bit of a luxury item when you could just reach for a jar of discount ratatouille but we both know that wouldn’t be as tasty. Whether you’re in the mood for bolognese or pesto the guys at Barilla have got you covered! Which would you find yourself reaching for? Let us know in the comments.  

Vegan Food France Pesto
The pesto is sooo creamy
Vegan Food France Bolognese
Or are you a bolognese kinda person…
  • Bars and Biscuits

This minefield can be a bit more difficult to navigate. With milk powder and dairy popping up all over the place, not to mention the odd bit of honey thrown in, make the realm of bar and biscuits risky business. With my sweet tooth I wasn’t going to rest until I had read the ingredients of every box and packet on the shelf in a bid to find a sugary treat to satisfy my cravings. Alas I have a found a fair few. 

Vegan Food France Breakfast Biscuits
These biscuits are great for a bit of energy whilst travelling

E-Leclerc making another appearance with their brand of breakfast biscuits P’tit Deli. Proceed with caution as only the chocolate chip ones are vegan (oddly). With 4 packs of 8 in a box for less than €3 these are a great choice for munching on-the-go as they’re quite filling.

Vegan Food France Cookies
Over the moon to discover these beauties are accidentally vegan

If you fancy something really naughty these chocolate chip cookies are just the ticket. You can find these in leading supermarkets such as Carrefour and E-leclerc for less than €2. When spotting these bad boys I was dubious they would be vegan and I had to do a double take. Again, some varieties of this brand do contain dairy products so check the label before scoffing a packet before you’ve even reached the till. 

Vegan Food France Cereal Bar
Just because something contains fruit does that make it healthy?

If you’re in the mood for something a little less indulgent these cereal bars fit the bill. Finding vegan cereal bars has proven quite difficult as they all seem to contain dairy or honey, except the ones above. Spotted in E-leclerc for less than €2 with 6 bars, they’re packed with dried and fruit and less filling than the bars listed above. 

  • Cheese

That’s right, you’re not living in an alternate universe, you can really buy vegan cheese in France! The Monks of Priory Rueil en Brie who invented brie in 774 are probably turning in their graves at the thought of cheese being made with coconut milk – we’re damn happy.

These cheesey delights don’t come cheap at €4.50 each but if you can’t feast on cheese in France when can you, right? In some of the other supermarkets you’ll also find a variety of other vegan cheese brands. 

Vegan Food France Cheese
Which one would you try first
  • Spreads & Pate

 Whether you want something sweet to smear over your baguette in the morning or something savoury to top crackers in the afternoon there’s a whole bunch of choices. 

Vegan Food France Mushroom Pate
Great smothered on crackers

Welcome to the world of Bio! Supposedly Bio products are all that much better for you because they’re not sprayed with loads of pesticides and contain natural ingredients. I say supposedly because the locals seemed to have a very mixed opinions as to whether they’re actually better for you not. Regardless, the Bio aisle at a supermarket will soon become your best friend as a vegan.

Stumble upon the Bio section and you’ll come across a variety of veggie pate options from Bjorg. They come in a selection of flavours ranging in price from €2.10 – €3+. This mushroom one is at the lower end of the price bracket making it a great option for a speedy lunch. You can find them at most leading supermarkets such as: E-leclerc, Intermarche, Carrefour and Casino.

Vegan Food France Tapenade
It doesn’t get French-er than artichoke and aubergine tapenade. Although it seems this brand is Italian…

When you think of vegan food France probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind but you’d be surprised at how many accidentally vegan products you can find. Lurking amongst the olive tapenade often containing fish, you might stumble upon these artichoke and aubergine pastes. Don’t be thrown by the term name “caviar”, in the UK we often associate this with fish but these jars are in fact accidentally vegan.

You can find these and other brands in leading supermarkets but be sure to check the label as some products do contain fish. A jar costs roughly €2 although this can differ slightly across shops and locations. 

Vegan Chocolate Spread France
The Italian equivalent of Vego available in French supermarkets

Looking for something to satisfy your chocolate craving? This spread is the answer to your prayers. It’s certified Bio and vegan so you can tuck in to your hearts content. It costs around €4 so not for the penny pinchers but can again be found at the leading supermarkets I’ve listed previously.  

Creme de Marron Spread Vegan France
We’ve fallen head over heels for this stuff

Although it can sometimes prove difficult to find vegan food France has delivered some corkers in the field of accidentally vegan products. This chestnut spread has stolen our hearts from the first bite. Make sure you don’t bypass this gem that tastes great just eaten straight from the jar. It’s pretty easy to find all over the country, from supermarkets to corner shops and petrol station, and the French almost love this stuff as much as we do. 

Costing about €2.50 a tin don’t blame us if you have trouble sharing this one. 

Vegan Mayonnaise in France
The creamy accompaniment to make any savoury dish better

Because when it comes to dunking those vegan nuggets and chips nothing else will do. This one is a little harder to find than some of the other items on the list. We’ve only been able to find it at E-leclerc and Intermarche plus only certain big stores at that. Costing roughly €3 a jar I recommend stocking up on this one when you find it as you may be lucky to find it again. 

  • Other supermarket finds

The supermarket can be a great place to discover maverick vegan items but it can sometimes be a real chore reading the ingredients. After hours of label checking we’ve stumbled upon these vegan foods. 

Vegan Food found in France
A good go to for a quick slurp in a hurry

Most of the cartons of pre-made soups contain some form of dairy so be careful when choosing. This one however is the anomaly as it’s accidentally vegan and the only one of its kind. You can find it in E-leclerc for less than €2 hanging out with all the other pre-made soups. 

Vegan Food found in France
We found the vegan holy grail

Behold the holy grail cementing your new found love with the Bio section in a supermarket: Nooch, a.k.a nutritional yeast. In the UK this stuff is mighty popular and has the price tag to go with it. Here however nooch is only €1.70 a box. You’ll find yourself dusting nearly every meal you have with these cheesy, nutty flakes. You can find this stuff at most supermarkets but take care when picking a box off the shelf as there are different varieties that look very similar but taste inferior. 

  • Bakery discoveries

Bakeries can actually be a good place to find the vegan food France has available. We made it our quest to check all of the bakeries we went past to see what vegan options they had and occasionally we were been pleasantly surprised. We even found a number of bakeries which clearly display all of the added allergens which is great help to us herbivores!

Vegan Bread France
When in France, consume an obscene amount of baguettes

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it, anytime of day is the perfect time for bread. Even when you can’t find a shop or everything is closed you can count on stumbling across a bakery – very French indeed. Bread is a safe bet for us vegans and you can find a whole smorgasbord of bakes made with different flours and grains to suit any mood. 

Vegan Croissant France
We were so happy we managed to find a vegan croissant in France

What’s the most famous French food you can think of? Probably the croissant right? Unfortunately its flaky and buttery consistency make it difficult to find vegan version… but apparently not! We were told that all croissants used to be made without butter, then someone started making them with butter and the craze soon took off.

Thankfully there are some bakeries tucked away that still make “croissant son burre” which is croissant without butter. They are usually characterised with their curved crab like shape however this isn’t always the case so don’t jump the gun on as soon as you see this from the counter. Be sure to ask if it’s made without butter and dairy, as the two different products are often confused here.

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Pin of girl eating and vegan food in France
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Where to Find the Best Vegan Food France has to Offer

Not known for its array of traditionally vegan food France has a surprisingly large offering of plant-based goodies if you just know where to look. Whenever you’re planning your next travels to France this list should be your go-to guide to help you find ethical eats along your the way. 

What do you think of the list? Is there anything you think should be added? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hey Noah, it’s definitely becoming easier but unfortunately it’s not that easy all of the world. In parts of France, besides fruit, vegetables and whole ingredients it can be pretty tricky. In restaurants it can be almost impossible. You’re right though, it is slowly changed which is great news!

  2. What a fantastic and most excellently helpful and practical post! Thanks for adding hours to my precious leisure time in our upcoming holiday as a big vegan family, in France! XXX

  3. Thank you for this amazing list of vegan finds 💚 We scoured the shelves of L’Eclerc today in Sarlat and were amazed at the vegan options available in their chilled section including Violife grated, block and cream cheese, also Nurrish vegan camembert! Amazed to even find long life croissants, pains au chocolat and brioche!

  4. Hey Zoe, Glad you found the post useful and it helped you to find some real tasty grub by the sounds of it. Especialliy the vegan camembert! Hope you enjoy eating your way around France. Big love!

  5. Thanks so much for this, we’re on holiday in France, and I usually bring back an unfeasibly huge jar of nutella for my son. Now he’s made the choice to go vegan, it’s brilliant to be able to put together a little hamper of goodies for him, including some chocolate and hazlenut spread! You rock!

  6. So glad we could help out. And, lucky son! I wish we could get our hands on some of the creme de marron spread!!

  7. Hi, I moved to France in March this year, and have found it hard to get every day vegan food, I’m so glad you put this list together, as when I’m doing my weekly shop I rarely have the time to scour the shelves and read all the labels, especially as I’m only learning French, thank you for doing the leg for me!

  8. Super helpful! In French alps now with my two kids and hubby and the vegan finds (or lack of) are starting to stress me out. Will be heading to market tomorrow with your blogpost in hand!

  9. Really hope it can be helpful 🙂

    Also, enjoy the Alps with your family, they’re stunning and so full of life this time of year!

  10. Hi Teressa, I hope you’re enjoying food since your recent move. Yes, it can be really frustrating and time-consuming constantly label checking every week.

    I’m glad this post can be helpful and hopefully help you to find some new foods at your next weekly shop 😀

  11. Super helpful! I see it’s a couple of years old already but I just read this before heading off to Carrefour and found the cookies, chocolate/nut spread, artichoke and aubergine caviar 🥰 (just didn’t find the chestnut spread yet!). So here we are in a tiny Normandy village enjoying a vegan cheeseplate (found Nurishh Camembert and some “sojabio” cheese) and a vegan organic French red wine. Cheers!

  12. So glad it’s helpful Eva! I have tried the Nurishh camembert which I love, I also recommend the one from Violife. Not sure if you’ve had it before but the taste is insanely good.

    The chestnut spread is famous from the Ardeche it’s called creme de marron. It’s a popular toast topping and if you mention it to a local I’m sure they’ll know it. It’s really good on pancakes, in sandwiches or smothered on apple.

    Enjoy your cheeseboard – it sounds amazing! 🙂

  13. Hello
    Thank you very much!
    Sadly I’ve never found vegan cheese in french supermarkets 😔where do they hide it? Between the dairy Cheese or somewhere else?
    Greetings from two Swiss travelers on the way to Bretagne & Normandie 👋

  14. Hi Cecile, it is usually in its own separate section. We always found it was in the chilled world foods section, rather than with the vegan meat alternatives. In Leclerc for example, it was with products that were produced outside of France like hummus, other dips and meat or dairy foods, rather than alongside vegan foods.

    There are also some specialist shops that sell it but these are mostly only found in bigger cities and towns.

    Hope that help and enjoy your time in beautiful France 🙂

  15. Hi there, thanks for sharing, I’ve gained some great insights! My favorite is the ‘croissant sans beurre’ (without butter), really happy with that. : )

    In my research on vegan options in France I found out that Google Maps is really handy when you want to find vegan shops and restaurants. And I’m pinning them in my own Maps. 

    If you want the largest offer of vegan products go to a ‘hypermarché’ (‘hypermarket’ in Maps). 

    I also follow IG accounts like @accidentellementvegan, they post about new vegan products in the (online) supermarkets.

    And last but surely not least there are a whole lot artisan cheese makers, for example:

    Jay&Joy, Tyk Affinage, Petit Veganne, Les Nouveaux Affineurs, Vegusto, Gondino.

    Yes they are pricy, but incomparable with the commercial products.

    PS For people living in France: apparently most vegan online supermarkets offer a discount when you’re a member of AVF (Association Végétarienne de France).

  16. Hi Kara, thanks for all your useful tips on how you find vegan food in France! The accidentally vegan account is one we follow too and love too. It’s a great way to find new foods to try.

    We too love croissant sans beurre, delicious with local jams. We also found some small independent cheese shops offering some delicious alternatives. The world of vegan cheese has come on leaps and bounds since the first sprung onto the market all those moons ago.

    Happy munching 🙂

  17. I found the LU granola gros eclats de chocolat & noisettes cookies in Super U today – unfortunately they’re no longer vegan as they contain milk powder 🙁

  18. Oh no that’s a shame, thanks for letting me know. It’s frustrating when companies change ingredients to mean things are no longer vegan. Will have to update this. Thanks 🙂

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