Things to Do in Isolation

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For when you’re cooped up at home, here are 14 things to do in isolation for those who’d rather be outside

Speaking from experience, isolating sucks. But, It has unfortunately become a necessary part of life with COVID doing the rounds. Something we all adhere to in order to keep others and emergency services safe.

However important it may be, it’s still a struggle to be confined to four walls, especially for us folks who thrive getting mucky outdoors. Despite the confinement, there are some ways you can scratch that adventure itch, even when you’re locked down.

This article is jam-packed with ways you can get your nature fix without leaving your home.

Things to do during isolation to scratch your outdoors itch

1. Have an armchair adventure isolating in your room

Can’t have your own adventure? Go on someone else’s! The power of words is far-reaching and can transport you to far-flung places right from your living room sofa. Pick up a book and immerse yourself in epic world-first trips or tales from the road.

There’s an adventure to suit any mood and our list of 20 Adventure and Outdoor Books is brimming with inspiration.

things to do in isolation in your room
Reading is a great thing to do in isolation in your room

2. Brush up on your adventure skills

Although it may not feel like it, your time isolated will come to an end. When it does, chances are you’ll want to head for the hills. Use this time to brush up on your adventure knowledge or learn something new.

Some ideas include:

That way, when you’re unleashed into the wild again, you’ll be ready for whatever nature throws at you.

3. Keep limber

One of the biggest things that helped us through isolation was moving our bodies as often as possible. Whether it was some gentle yoga in the morning or bodyweight exercises in the afternoon, a little bit of movement goes a long way.

It may not be the same as summitting peaks but it keeps you feeling good and in decent nick for those future hikes.

4. Get planning your next adventures

After staring at the same four walls for weeks, you’ll likely find yourself daydreaming of all the adventures you’re going to have when you’re let loose. Don’t let anything hold you back and use the time to plan upcoming trips!

Whether it’s an epic expedition or a nature-filled day hike, having something to look forward to is always a good idea.

Our guide to adventure planning and how to plan a day hike can help you prepare and feel inspired.

things to do in isolation in your room
If you don’t have a big garden you can grow things in containers

5. Write a packing list

An easy task you can do from the comfort of your bed that will help to make those future adventure plans happen. Because, chances are, there are some days when planning a whole trip feels like way too much.

Instead, start by writing out a packing list of the things you’ll need to take and potential bits you need to buy.

6. Get those fingers green

It may not be quite the same as mountains and rivers but your back garden is still outside. You’d be surprised what a bit of fresh air can do for your well-being. Our little garden has been a saviour through isolation.

Spend some time admiring the bees and soaking up some vitamin D in your little slice of nature. You can also plant some seeds and thank your past self when you reap the rewards of homegrown veggies and flowers in a few weeks.

Don’t have a garden? Why not start a windowsill herb selection!

7. Give your gear some TLC

Once you’ve planned your release into nature, you don’t want anything holding you back. Especially not your gear.

Giving your outdoor kit a bit of attention is one of the best things to do in isolation. Not only does it mean you’re ready to immerse yourself in the outdoors once you’re able, but it also gives your equipment a new lease of life. That means increasing its lifespan too – less waste and you’ll save a few bob too!

things to do in isolation at home
Get those repairs in order, so you can get out there when your isolation ends

8. Pack your bags

If the thought of not getting out for 10 days feels daunting and you’re already counting down the hours until you’re back out, pack your bags in preparation.

Once you know all your gear is in order and up to scratch, you can be uber-organised and ready to head out of the door the moment your isolation ends.

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9. Get into the kitchen

Cooking is a great thing to do in isolation alone as then you don’t have to share your tasty creations. Experiment with some new adventure snacks or recipes for the camp stove.

It can be a little risky trying new foods and recipes in the wild, so use this time to whittle down your camping feasts. Then, when it comes to mealtimes around the campfire, you can impress with your new chef skills.

Feeding our tums with some nourishing grub really helped bring us back to full health after being plagued down with COVID.

We’ve got tons of vegan adventure food recipes to try and enjoy. After all, if you’re isolating with COVID you’ll need to filling up on plenty of goodness!

10. Listen to outdoor and adventure podcasts

Nowadays the power of the internet has opened up a whole repertoire of adventures. If you’re searching for more things to do in self-isolation, podcasts are an amazing way of soaking up amazing stories.

You can listen to first-hand accounts of world firsts, what it’s really like being on an expedition and tales from outdoor lovers’ lives on the road. There’s a podcast guaranteed to scratch that itch.

We put together our list of the 10 best outdoor and adventure podcasts, some of which have been going on for over a decade! So there’s 100’s of episodes to binge and feel exhilarated by.

fun activities in isolation
When trail running is on hold, sifting through old footage is a great way the live vicariously through past adventures

11. Go through pictures and videos from past trips

As an outdoor fanatic, you probably have a backlog of pictures and videos from adventures. Going through past footage and snaps is a fun thing to do in isolation with a partner as you can relive those good times and laugh at the misadventures.

Some ideas for your footage:

  • Organise them into scrapbooks
  • Put together a slideshow if they’re trips your partner wasn’t on
  • Make videos of the highlights and challenges of different trips
things to do in self isolation
Get all your gear in order so nothing holds you back when you’re able to explore

12. Buy something to make an adventure happen

I don’t mean a bottle of champers, unless getting out of isolation feels that momentous. Instead, opt for something that could cement your plans and help make them a reality.

Whether it’s a train ticket, that new pair of hiking boots or a map. Something that will help make those adventure dreams happen once you can get back out there.

13. Watch adventure films and documentaries

Power up that outdoor energy from others, all from the solace of your sofa. Films and documentaries can suck you into near-death experiences in unforgiving mountain ranges, with the comfort of being able to reach for the popcorn when you want.

Whether you want to be entertained, educated or shocked, we’ve got some lists to choose from that’ll engross your mind.

14. Looking after your mental health in isolation

The most important one on the list is to make sure you’re looking after your own well-being.

Isolation can be tough, especially if you’re having to do so because you’ve caught COVID.

You may be feeling physically unwell and not in the best place mentally. Listen to your head and body, then give yourself the space you need.

If planning your next epic adventure feels like leaps too far, instead focus on the next activity. Whether that’s reading a chapter of your book, cleaning your boots, watching another Harry Potter movie, making a cup of tea or just having a little power snooze. Be kind to yourself.

Use this time to reach out to friends and loved ones. It can be helpful for you and give you the chance to revel in past adventures, it may help them too if they’re in a similar situation.

The adventure community is vast and one of the great things about social media is the chance to connect instantly. So don’t be a stranger and feel free to drop us a line too.

Things to Do in Isolation
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Hopefully this list had been helpful and given you heaps of inspiration on how to spend time at home in isolation. Tell us which activity you’ll be trying yourself, or if there’s any you’d add to the list in the comments below.

And remember, although it may not feel like it, isolation will end and the outdoors will be waiting with open arms for your return!

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