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8 tips to help you live out those dreams for adventure and make them happen

The outdoors is always open and ripe for exploring, just waiting for you to book off that annual leave and head for the hills. But where to start making that dream trip happen?

With so many distractions and life getting in the way, those dreams of exploration can sometimes fall to the wayside. Which can really suck. The outside realm is pretty incredible and we believe everyone should have the chance to get out there and soak it up.

So if you’re brimming with adventure ideas these 8 simple tips will help you to solidify those ideas and make them happen.

Man on his own adventure sitting by river eating a camping meal
There’s not much that beats the tranquillity of the outdoors

1. Think of your perfect trip

Whether it’s a first hiking trip, an international cycle tour or kayaking with your best friend. Have a think about the kind of trip that would make it memorable and keep it as inspiration to work towards. Having a goal or something to aim for is the best way to stay motivated.

Not sure what sort of trip you want to have? There are tons of sources of inspiration, from films to books, that will ignite that passion in your belly to explore.

You may also want to consider how long you have, where you’re able to go and the time of year you’re going. All this will shape the kind of adventure you have.

2. Maintain your gear

If all your adventure gear has been in storage for the last however many months, now’s the time to take it out and check it over. Hopefully, it will still be going strong, but this might be a good time for some gear TLC and repairs.

The last thing you want is to be pitching your tent at the end of the day and see it’s been devoured by the moths and mould in your loft. Check it’s all in good nick before you hit the trails.

Man making bike repairs to start an adventure
Make sure all your gear is up to scratch to avoid any unwanted surprises in the wild

3. Get those extra bits of gear

If you need extra bits of gear to make that perfect trip happen, make note of them early so you can find the right thing without any rush. If they’re bigger investments, say, like a bike, this will give you some extra time to save.

Getting those new bits with plenty of time will mean you can find the ideal bit of kit for you. Things that will last avoiding spontaneous splurges or knock-off equipment, which likely won’t last and will end up in the bin. It may also save you a few bob finding the best deal.

4. Pick up some maps or guide books

Once you’ve got a rough adventure idea, then it’s time to get the maps out, work out a rough route, itinerary, budget etc. Think about places you want to see, peaks you want to climb, lakes you want to include on the way.

Doing this doesn’t have to be hard work and will likely get you super excited for your trip.

Dust off those maps and guide books, then get planning!

5. Book that adventure

With a few more details planned, now it’s time to make it official! Book that time off, schedule the neighbour to come and feed the cats or drop the kids off at the grandparents. Doing this as early as possible will stop any obstacles from throwing a spanner in your plans.

As your trip starts to take form beware of the impending itchy feet that soon follows.

6. Do you need to do any training or learning?

Do you need to map-read for your trip? Would it be good to get some experience wild camping before? Might it be helpful brushing up on your language skills? If you’re planning a super gruelling challenge, now’s the time to start getting yourself moving so you can take it on with confidence.

Not just so you can make the most of your adventure, but also in terms of safety. You need to be knowledgeable and prepared for the terrain that awaits.

vegan freeze dried food
Food just tastes that much better outside, don’t you think?

7. Food for thought?

If you’re planning any multi-day trips, do you need to test out any of your foods beforehand? This can be a great time to do some testing around the house, develop your perfect energy balls or experiment with some dehydrated food.

Don’t plan to make something for the first time on the camp stove, because you have no idea how it may turn out. It may go wrong or not agree with your tum. When you’re pushing your body in the outdoors, the last thing you want is to be throwing a new dish into the mix.

Again, think about the type of trip you’ll be having. If you’re going to be exerting yourself you may need to eat more calories and take on more nutrients. Keep it wholesome, simple and tasty.

8. Go for a test run

And last but not least, before you actually hit the road/trail/river etc, make sure you do a few little test runs to be certain all your gear and prep is ready.

Try out those recipes, take the tent for a spin and put those boots to the test. Being confident in your kit will save you a lot of headache in the field and leave you feeling confident when it comes to the real deal.

This is also a mini adventure in itself!

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Hopefully these tips will give you some confidence ahead of your next trip and help you with how to start an adventure. If you have any questions or fancy telling us about a recent successful adventure, drop us a line in the comments below. Happy exploring folks!

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